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30 fashion tips to enhance your tan at the start of the school year

We pull out our eternal white shirt

We mix prints

We keep a holiday memory

We shine in a green suit

We assume the orange dress

We put on white shoes

We shine in satin

We mix opposite colors

We take out our immaculate bag

We wear colorful ankle boots

We dare the total pink look

We stay on the tiles

We're wearing white jeans

We assume the sorbet color

We're melting for fuschia

We play with multicolored stripes

We wear sun accessories

We bet everything on the accessories

We slap in total white look

We're betting on a tangy trench coat

We love the white t-shirt

We love a floral dress

We have the heavy weight

We adopt a blue suit

We wear colorful accessories

We play on the lengths

We opt for the cropped top

We show off in XXL sunglasses

We choose white glasses

We try tone on tone