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Peeling skin in winter:how to react?

Last spring, we told you about peeling skin in summer. Indeed, many of us have skin that dries out and begins to peel after exposure to the sun. However, you can also have flaky skin in winter ,because of the cold ! So how do you react when you have peeling facial skin? Why do we have drier skin, even irritated skin in winter? How to relieve tightness and itching ? Veld's tells you everything.

Why do we have peeling skin in winter?

If you have peeling skin in winter, don't panic, it means that your skin is regenerating. His problem ? She regenerates too quickly. Indeed, the skin tissue is in constant renewal, we also speak of cellular renewal . It is a natural phenomenon, which allows the skin to remain beautiful and healthy.

Normally, we do not see cell renewal with the naked eye, because it is done cell by cell. When you have flaky skin in winter , is that cell renewal has suddenly accelerated, to allow the skin to continue to fulfill its role as a protective barrier.

Peeling skin is often the prerogative of dry skin. These skins are characterized by a lack of sebum , they lubricate less than average, and are therefore drier to the touch, rougher, and have an unfortunate tendency to peel at the slightest aggression. In winter, this phenomenon is accentuated by the cold, which dries out the skin even more.

What causes dry skin in winter?

We have all experienced the tightness and tingling of irritated skin in winter . These are signs that indicate dry skin, lacking in lipids! But why do we have (even more) dry skin in winter? There are various causes :

  • exposure to wind and cold which attacks the skin
  • The rubbing of clothing, in particular hats, scarves, woolen sweaters, etc.
  • A drop in ambient humidity , especially in overheated interiors:the dry air absorbs the little moisture released by the skin
  • Too hot and cold when going out and coming in, or an annoying habit of turning the heating up too hot or the shower hot:the heat dries out the skin more

We must of course add to these factors that make the skin dry in winter pollution, tobacco, poor food hygiene, an too aggressive skincare routine .

How to stop peeling and itchy skin in winter?

As you will have understood, to no longer have skin that peels in winter, you must prevent it from becoming too dry. So we're going to try to fill up on lipids, to soothe the skin, but also to prepare for winter and anticipate these little discomforts.

A gentle care routine for dry skin in winter

Skin that peels in winter, that feels tight, that itches, is weakened skin . The watchword is therefore softness:stop overly aggressive cleansers. We opt for a velvety cleansing milk, and for a light and gentle cleansing foam. Pay attention to your care gestures:do not rub the cotton on your skin, nor the bath towel. Tap gently.

Veld's tip to finalize the cleaning:use a thermal spray or floral water after rinsing your skin with water, or after showering. This eliminates limescale residues that dry out the skin.

If you still have small dead skin, a mild chemical scrub , once a week can help make winter peeling a thing of the past. Finally, morning and evening, moisturize and nourish your skin with a soothing facial treatment, such as our Pure Pulp Neo Beauty Restoring Gel. .

Take care of cold-sensitive areas

Not all areas of the face react in the same way to the cold, you will probably have noticed this in the lips. To avoid chapped lips, apply a nourishing balm morning and evening . If needed, a little scrub with honey and sugar works wonders!

Other area sensitive to cold:eye contour . The skin there is very thin and when it is attacked, dark circles are much more visible, and wrinkles too. We therefore apply morning and evening a moisturizing eye contour, like our Eye Magic. It helps you to protect yourself from the cold, but also to fight against the signs of fatigue and the signs of aging.

Choose your makeup products wisely

If we all want to follow the 2020 beauty trends to be on top this winter, we still have to be careful with the makeup products we choose. If you have dry skin, you must avoid powder textures at all costs. (foundation, loose powder, earth of sun, blush…) which will anchor in the folds of the skin and cling to small skins. These textures highlight peeling skin in winter, and can contribute to dry skin.

We opt for a liquid foundation, or even better, sparkling. On the blush and eyeshadow side, prefer creamy textures , which hold well on the skin, without drying it out. Of course, never apply your make-up without first moisturizing your skin, your lips, and your eye area!