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Lemon essential oil:a slimming ally

To allow each of you to create your own slimming treatment, we have selected lemon essential oil. Although the use of citrus fruits is not suitable for all applications (this is particularly the case in diffusion, as they can irritate the respiratory tract) they go very well with creams and vegetable oils. Find in this article our advice to reduce the appearance of ugly dimples.

A slimming ally, the essential oil


Making an anti-cellulite treatment with lemon essential oil

As long as you do a slimming treatment, it smells good! And the essential oil that we are offering you this month is not lacking in freshness... It must be said that it is a venous stimulant and that it restores a certain tone to the skin. You can therefore apply it anywhere on the body and even on the face provided you do not approach the eye area.

According to the desires of each, you can

dilute it in:

  • A cream for a firm texture or a milk for a more fluid consistency. Personally, we prefer milk because it spreads more easily and covers a larger area.
  • In aloe vera gel to moisturize your skin at the same time provided that it contains alcohol otherwise your lemon essential oil will not be soluble.
  • In a jojoba vegetable oil whose exceptional properties we presented to you in a previous article. It lends itself to all skin types and has the particularity of being very well assimilated because its formulation is close to sebum.

To achieve your slimming treatment, you can even combine several essential oils to achieve synergy. In our case, grapefruit will go well, whether in terms of aromas but also virtues. We advise not to exceed 10% of the finished product for the body. This well-explained guide will show you several examples of dosages .

Do not forget the recommendations for use of the product. As a general rule, it is better to avoid using it when you are pregnant. On the other hand, the essential oil is quite photosensitizing, so avoid exposing yourself to the sun for hours after application.