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Rassoul (rhassoul or ghassoul)

Rassoul is a natural mineral clay, composed of silicon, iron, magnesium, potassium, sodium, trace elements and pro-vitamin. It is extracted in the Moroccan Atlas Mountains.

It is a natural ingredient typical of the oriental tradition, used in beauty for body and hair care. Ghassoul is a cleansing powder , it can therefore be used as shampoos or mild soaps, especially recommended for sensitive skin or scalp. You find it in particular in the hammams.

Rassoul is a natural product with multiple virtues on the skin, but also the hair:

• Gently cleanses, purifies and degreases the hair fiber and skin tissue without irritating the sebaceous glands and without attacking the protective sheath of the hair.

• Softens skin and hair.

• Decongests the epidermis.

• Absorbs excess sebum.

• Regulates sebum production in combination and oily skin as well as oily scalps.

• Has a volumizing effect on fine hair.

• It is astringent and tightens pores, useful for problem or oily skin.

• Helps in the disappearance of dandruff.

• It facilitates detangling of the hair.

• Restores elasticity to the skin tissue.

• It has a regenerating and brightening effect on dull skin.

Rassoul can be used as a mask, scrub, cleanser, soap, shampoo...

In short, the Rassoul has many qualities:not only is it suitable for all skin types, all hair types, but it will also be perfect for people looking for natural and ecological alternatives to wash (the rassoul does not pollute the water). The small downside being that it is a bit messy, you have to rinse the bath or shower well afterwards.

Did you know?
The word Ghassoul in Arabic means “who washes”.

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