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Mars and its spring rebirth

March brings a lot of changes In our lifes. The days getting longer, nature waking up, the temperature gradually rising... This month and the seasonal transition it brings constitute a real rebirth for everything and everyone . March is a real renewal in addition to announcing spring . All these metamorphoses become sources of inspiration to improve our daily life . You might as well take the opportunity to improve your habits or reinforce good New Year's resolutions. Each welcomes this new stage in its own way. The most important thing remains to find a way to adapt to all these upheavals .

A new season in preparation

In this month of March, BelleauNaturel celebrates two beauties:spring and women! Wonders without which we could not live. This is why it is essential to celebrate March 8 with dignity. This third month of the year also announces a magnificent season where nature is reborn on a landscape bathed in white.

Weeks and months passed while we were bundled up in layers of sweaters and fleeces. Despite the restrictions on outings, the winter and the drop in temperature since the fall were still well felt. However, as the calendar turns and the weeks roll on, the weather begins to change. More precisely, we should see the mercury gradually rising, just as the gardens are gradually coming back to life .

It will take time for this new season to become part of our daily lives. Fortunately, since this weather will allow us to prepare and adapt to these new conditions.

The coming of spring announces a number of notable changes in our habits. The daily life to which we are accustomed since the onset of winter can only be upset. These new conditions require adaptation efforts and flexibility to harmonize the season and everyday life.

This seasonal shift also induces a change in the needs of our skin . Spring affects our daily life as it influences our body, and more particularly our skin. Winter conditions such as intense cold, winds and gusts promote the drying of the skin. This continuous aggression requires particularly moisturizing care and treatment to preserve the skin's hydrolipidic film. As a result, an adapted beauty routine has been put in place for this purpose.

However, spring conditions are quite different. Indeed, spring is increasingly establishing itself with its own conjectures. Temperature variation is one of the notable features of the season. This greatly affects the skin tissue. As a result, accompany the skin in these reversals of time is essential for a fresh and healthy complexion.

Change your beauty routine with the change of season

Listening to our skin's needs for the season is the best way to accompany and support it. To do this, BelleauNaturel has specially established a set of rituals and treatments adapted to this change of season . On the program for this spring beauty routine :natural products and organic care to take good care of your skin .

During the winter, intense hydration was a priority to preserve the skin's hydrolipidic film. Now that the weather is starting to warm up, purifying treatments will be required to restore the balance of the skin . The Purifying Tea Tree Mask from Kimber cosmetics is perfect for this. Enriched with tea tree extract, this treatment is a detoxifier most effective, enough to purify the skin in depth.

Still in the spirit of skin rejuvenation, we find the royal fondant day cream from the Folies Royales brand. With a rich composition mixing treasures from the hive, organic jojoba oil and aloe vera, this cream nourishes, protects and restores radiance to the skin. It is suitable for all skin types, especially combination skin which readily benefits from these rebalancing properties.

To accompany these spring beauty rituals, we recommend a self-massage with the jade roller by Maison Flora. Inherited from Chinese traditions and methods, this ancestral tool brings many benefits and results. Among other things, it is used to tighten pores, reduce dark circles and fine lines, boost collagen production… thanks to this semi-precious natural stone, the skin becomes more radiant and luminous.

Hair also needs proper care for the seasonal transition. Byophytum's organic epurevia soothing mask soothes the scalp, while restoring strength and suppleness to the hair mass. Organic shea butter, organic aloe vera and peppermint essential oil combine to offer the best to the hair.

All these wonderful skincare and natural products are available in the March box. Called “spring rebirth”, it accompanies us throughout this early spring to remain naturally beautiful.