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Hammam:Oriental Wellness

The principle of Hammam

The hammam is known by many names depending on the culture . Turkish bath or even Moorish bath , the principle remains the same:a good steam bath . Several rooms with oriental styles, a warm and humid atmosphere, these rooms are filled with captivating scents .

Traditionally, 3 pieces make up this place of rest . Each of these pieces has its own specificities and represent a step in this ritual. A room whose temperature is more or less ambient allows you to prepare. It acts as a dressing room in which we swap everyday clothes for a lighter look. Depending on the rules of the center chosen, nudity can be partial or complete.

When we get to the second room , the temperature is much higher. This allows you to prepare to enter the real steam bath. This step is ideal for carrying out skin care :oil, black soap… We can coat our body with products that we have previously chosen for our personalized beauty ritual.

At the turn of the third room, we arrive in the very essence of the hammam . The temperature there is much more high as well as humidity . Indeed, the steam there is such that it is difficult to distinguish its neighbor. The length of time spent in this room depends on your availability , your state of health and your stamina . Whether the session lasts 30 minutes, 1 hour or the whole half-day, the important thing is to relax and enjoy.

The benefits of Hammam

The Hammam is a healing ritual most beneficial . Indeed, this steam bath is a source of many benefits for our body. So much to preserve its beauty and its well-being that to take care of your health, the hammam reveals our natural beauty .

Humidity and the heat combined allows to detoxify our skin and relax our muscles . The steam opens the pores to purify them of all their impurities . As a result, the hammam is an excellent detoxifier . Pollution, accumulated dead cells… all these elements clog our skin and cause the formation of imperfection on its surface. For healthy skin, doing a few hammam sessions is a good practice to adopt.

The conditions of the hammam are excellent for taking care of our body against fatigue . Heat can treat tense muscles due to stress , or efforts if we do a lot of physical exercise.

More than the muscles, our whole being is invited to enjoy this moment of relaxation . The hammam and all spa center treatment rituals and well-being share the same goal:to give you access to rest . The environment, the products, the colors and scents… all these elements encourage you to relax and enjoy the moment. After a hard week of work, taking advantage of such a wellness session is as beneficial for our body as it is for our mind.

The essentials of oriental well-being

Proceed to the hammam requires some preparations at product level . We can search for hours among the different products available in the market. The choice there is care that we can use. The products to succeed our hammam session depend on our taste and our needs . To help you, BelleauNaturel has selected two essentials for a hammam session:

#1 Black soap

The black soap is in the hammam what sunscreen is to summer:inseparable . This olive-based soap helps to take care of our skin during a good steam bath. This oriental treatment purifies the skin gently while feeding her. To benefit from the virtues of this product, we recommend the organic hammam soap with lavandin from the brand Olive &Moi. This treatment is formulated with 100% organic extra virgin olive oil . The essential oil of lavandin grosso bio comes to bring its relaxing properties and its delicate fragrance to this treatment. This soap, dedicated to exfoliation, cleans and purifies the skin. Nourishing , antioxidant and relaxing , this organic treatment soothes by leaving its sweet fragrance on our skin. Provencal . This soap can be used at home in the shower if you are not a fan of spa centers.

#2 The Loofah

Unlike mechanical grain scrubs, black soap is free of exfoliating particles . Fortunately, we have the natural loofah glove available. This natural treatment is also originating in the East . Natural and antiallergic , it gently exfoliates the skin. The texture of this glove helps to remove accumulated dead skin . Non-irritating , it is suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive. By removing dead skin, this glove will stimulate blood circulation and remove cellulite . Popular product in the hammam, this sponge can also be used during the shower. It is perfect to accompany the Olive &Moi hammam soap to purify and restore a second youth to our skin.

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