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How to switch to organic cosmetics?

Where did the craze for organic cosmetics start?

Clean and healthy consumption does not happen overnight. Those of you who are embarking on the adventure seek their bearings through brands and labels. But above all, to switch to organic cosmetics, you have to want to. This can come from a click following an event experienced, a report that touched you, a deep conviction, a desire to change your life or an interest in the animal condition. Whatever it is, it is this click that will gradually transform you. Then move on to practice. Do not try to throw away all your make-up and hygiene products at once. Start by replacing your foundation or make-up remover with a natural version labeled organic, for example.

How to sort?

In recent years, the market has seen the emergence of more and more brands offering a wide choice of treatments. But it is not easy to navigate and adopt the right products. Indeed, many brands do not take a label for economic reasons, which does not detract from the quality of their range. Sometimes, some treatments are much more organic than those with the label. Conversely, other unscrupulous like to take advantage of the growing popularity of "Natural" to sell better while their products remain mostly synthetic and chemical.
This is the problem, because when you start it is complicated to decipher the composition labels. When in doubt, therefore, it is better to favor brands stamped Cosmebio. It guarantees 95% natural ingredients and 95% organic plants. As for synthetic components, they should not exceed 5% of the composition and only the least harmful are accepted. In total, the finished product must therefore be at least 10% organic.
The other tip that we recommend is to trust the BelleauNaturel box to make you discover superb treatments and allow you over the boxes to design a natural beauty routine, healthier for you and for the planet! :) :) :)