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Beautiful and healthy thanks to the cold shower (the benefits)!

Everywhere in the press, we praise the merits of a good cold shower on health. But let's face it, from you to us, there's nothing pleasant about going under cold water early in the morning, right? We women have the reputation of being chilly and prefer to slip into a nice hot bath.

However, when we take a closer look at the subject of cold water and its health benefits, we immediately become a little curious to know more. It seems that cold water strengthens the tissues. Having a shapely chest and beautiful skin would then pass through the small jet of cold water at the end of the shower. With many benefits on the silhouette (in addition to being good for your health), the cold shower still seems to be a beauty gesture to try.

Do you also wonder why inflict 5 minutes of ice water on your body every morning? We explain how and why to use the cold water shower in your beauty routine !

6 benefits of cold shower on your health and beauty

Cold shower stimulates immune defenses

Sore throat, runny nose, chills are part of your daily life during the winter? Perhaps you would be well advised to test the benefits of the cold shower. Why ? Becausethe cold strengthens the immune system contrary to popular belief! Have you ever heard of babies napping outside in the Nordic countries? Taking a fresh daily shower stimulates blood circulation and boosts your defenses. By practicing this exercise regularly, you will be sick less often on a daily basis !

Helps sleep better and fall asleep

Many women have sleep problems. Difficulties falling asleep, insomnia, fatigue, very often the problem is taken upside down. To stop their sleep worries, women often use heat in order to relax the body and mind. Hot herbal teas, hot bath, what if you were told that heat will actually boost your energy and prevent your sleep from to come ? This is especially true for hot baths in the evening (herbal tea is widely recommended). In fact, a hot shower early in the morning stimulates the body and boosts it to wake up while in the evening to sleep well and get awake, the body needs to cool down .The cold shower is therefore ideal for starting a good night's restful sleep. It's surprising, but it's nevertheless very real. If you want to put yourself in the benefits of the cold shower, it is therefore in the evening that you have to take this good habit!!!

Toned and firmed skin

As you know,the cold effectively stimulates blood circulation . And who says stimulated circulation, says firmed tissues and taut skin!!! Putting cold water on the face tightens the pores of the skin. But it is also beneficial for the whole body to firm up your figure . On the chest, for example, we recommend a regular jet of cold water to stretch the tissues and shape the chest! This is one of the tricks for girls to have a nice chest.

Shiny hair

Rinse your hair with cold water or ending your hair wash with a good jet of cold water is perfect for giving your hair a boost. By also stimulating the micro blood circulation on the scalp, the hair is shinier, the scalp cleans up !

A way to relieve stress

Yes, it may come as a surprise, but the cold has calming properties that change our mood. By generating a kind of electrical flow to the brain, cold stimulates and fights against stress and depression . And above all, it secretes the famous endorphins that put us in a state of pleasure (like when doing physical activity).

Repair injuries and recover after a sports session

Finally, you are aware that cold treatment is used by many athletes as restorative therapy. The cold accelerates healing, limits and relieves inflammation and decongests. After a good sports session, taking a cold shower will allow you to recover more quickly from your effort. This is the same principle as for cryotherapy.

How to take a cold shower safely?

Taking cold showers is not very pleasant for the uninitiated. And it's even harder in the winter when it's cold. The urge to bask in hot water is then an irresistible call. In addition to this little pleasure of warming up your body, the benefits of the cold shower can be worrying. Indeed, many people are afraid of possible dangers to the heart. They therefore dare not inflict cold water on themselves at the end of the shower for fear of feeling unwell. Obviously, it is not advisable to take a shower with frozen water . When we talk about cold water, there is an ideal temperature so as not to abuse the body. It is therefore a question of starting with a temperature of around 20 degrees . The most resistant can try to go down to 15 degrees. On average, it is recommended to stay under cold water for only a few minutes. 2 to 3 minutes are already enough to feel the benefits. Always start with the lower body and gradually go up. And above all, start with lukewarm water to lower the temperature in stages. Do not go directly underwater at 15 degrees.

In summary

  • Cold showers are excellent for your health. It helps to firm the skin, tone the breasts, sleep better, recover after an effort, etc.
  • We recommend taking a cold shower in the evening, starting first with hot water and then gradually lowering the temperature by a few degrees.
  • 2 to 3 minutes between 15 and 20 degrees is enough.
  • To see real benefits, no secret, it's the regularity that will pay!

So, are you ready to take a nice cold shower?