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The shag cut:the trendy haircut of the season!

Want a beautiful hair transformation? Have you heard of the shag haircut ? If his name means nothing to you, it's a safe bet that you've already seen him in fashion magazines, series or other well-known faces of the Instagram sphere.

Iconic female haircut of the 70s, the shag cut is now revisited and modernized to bring a contemporary retro touch to our hairstyles.

What is a shag haircut?

The shag cut, also known as the shaggy cut, is a cut that is worn quite relaxed. This haircut has the characteristics of being tapered on several levels with more volume on the top of the skull. Such a mullet cut hybrid or a well degraded cut, the shag structures the features of the face. Worn on a square, a mid-length haircut or even a short haircut, the shaggy cut is incredibly trendy .Casual, retro, feminine, unstructured, this trendy haircut is the styled-disheveled cut which changes from the traditional wavy . We also love it for its rock spirit and its touch of casualness. Moreover, some celebrities perfectly represent this point of character by displaying themselves with a pretty shag cut in tune with the times. This is the case of the beautiful Lou Douillon and her sister Charlotte Gainsbourg .

Is the shag cut for you?

We are not going to lie to each other, although it is ultra trendy, the shaggy cut will unfortunately not suit all women. If you have fine hair, its more tapering will take away the mass. It is therefore preferable on thick hair . But be careful, nothing prohibits having the shaggy cut on fine hair . It will simply be necessary to readjust the cut by degrading the lengths less!

For what type of hair?

  • This retro cut will be easier to pull off if you have naturally curly or wavy hair. Straight hair can also opt for the shaggy cut, but they will have to work on their cut every day to give it the shag look.
  • On thick hair, the shag cut is great since it brings volume to the curls, while thinning the mass at the lengths .
  • In summary, the shaggy cut is rather a suitable cut for thick and curly hair. It is also very important to have flexible hair so that it moves properly!
  • For mature hair , avoid the over-combed-disheveled effect of the shag. Prefer a smooth shaggy cut , for more style and modernity.

The shag cut according to the shape of your face

This cut, which frames the face in an unstructured way, will marry the shape of a round face Perfectly. Indeed, with its curved shape on the top, it will give volume to the top of the skull to subtly reharmonize the features and give a more slender effect.Oval faces will also be flattered by the shaggy cut thanks to the worked effect of the locks on the side. This cut betting on a natural style, it is better to approach it on your hair color without resorting to shades too far from your own hair color. On the other hand, nothing prevents a nice scan or a light job of wicks highlight the lengths.

How to switch to the shag cut?


To approach such a haircut, it's very simple, there are not ten thousand solutions, we go through the hairdresser box. If the casual cut seems to be a casual cut, it still requires a very special technique . Its tapered structure on several levels must pass through the hands of a professional to be successful. Once you've done your daring cut, you'll have a lot more to do to style your hair at home!

Shag cut maintenance

To leave home with your beautiful shag cut, you won't have to do much to set your hairstyle in motion. Prefer head-down drying to add volume at the roots. If you wish, work your curls with a volumizing mousse which textures the hair. If your hair is fine, do not hesitate to rework your curls slightly to give a wavy effect, but do not forget to stay on a natural effect . The beautiful English curl is not shaggy! In terms of maintenance of the haircut, a visit to the hairdresser is essential every 3 or 4 months to rework the length and again taper the contours of the face. The perfect opportunity to change your bangs by opting for a long fringe at the level of the eyebrows or by opening the face with a beautiful curtain fringe or tapered!

3 shag cuts we love among stars

Alexa Chung's mid-length shag

With her naturally effortless style , the beautiful Alexa Chung perfectly adopts the shag cut. A pretty trendy hairstyle with a bit of "I don't care" that tells others "you don't have to be dressed up to have a nice hairstyle". Here, the fashion influencer adopts the curtain fringe to give a contemporary style to her haircut. A few cleverly highlighted locks on the lengths are enough to flatter the shape of the face and enhance the beauty's shaggy cut.

Jessica Alba's shag haircut

Adopted in short square mode by the bomba Latina, the shag cut takes on the air of a Spanish cut. Wavy, light and supple, her shaggy cut suits her perfectly, quickly sublimating intensely deep eyes thanks to her textured bangs.

Scarlette Johansson's Shaggy Bob

Do you like short haircuts? Fall for the shaggy bob, the shorter version of the shag, like the beautiful Scarlett Johansson !