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Which jeans to choose when you have flat buttocks?

Mother nature gave you assets but she forgot to provide what you needed for the glutes? Are you one of the women with flat buttocks? OK, of course, it's annoying for those who dream of a plump buttocks à la Kim Kardashian or a shapely butt à la bomba latina, but fortunately, there are tricks to dress well when you have flat buttocks!

In this article, we will help you choose jeans for flat buttocks . Why jeans? It's a basic of which we all have at least one model in our wardrobe. And the advice will also help you to choose your pants in a more general way.

So to find out how to create a perfect trompe-l'oeil with a rounded buttocks, here is which jeans to choose when you have flat buttocks !

Flat buttocks:how to choose your jeans down to the smallest detail?

Pocket size

If this detail is of little interest to some, it is of the utmost importance for those who have no buttocks. Indeed, the shape and size of the pockets at the level of the buttocks visually change the shape of the latter. If you think you have to choose large pockets to compete with their small size of buttocks, quickly get that idea out of your head! In reality, it is simply a question ofchoosing a pocket size adapted to your own morphology . These should be neither too big nor too small.
  • Big pockets would contrast with the size of your buttocks, giving the impression of having chosen the wrong cut. Your butt would look even flatter.
  • Pockets that are too small, on the other hand, would also be unflattering since they would also minimize the curve of your buttocks.
Also, go for pockets that perfectly match your morphology, i.e. pockets proportional to your buttocks .

Pocket height

The height of the pockets is also a very important selection criterion. Pockets located too high would not be suitable . Too low pockets (which would protrude a little from the curve of your buttocks) would not work either. Your pockets should therefore ideally be located in the center of the buttocks and be V-shaped rather than U-shaped .

The distance between the pockets

Please also choose splayed pockets , because they give a better effect than tight pockets.

The seams at the pockets

Now for the detail! The finishes of your pockets play an important role in your quest for a plump butt. Also, to give the impression of larger buttocks, opt for jeans with visible seams . Rather than a minimalist pocket, prefer those that have a small wave in the middle of the pocket. Another detail that does it all:the flap pocket . It is indisputable, it redesigns the buttocks to give it more material.

Flat buttocks:should you choose high-rise or low-rise jeans?

Although jeans are chosen according to their morphology, it is undeniable that high-waisted jeans are more flattering for flat buttocks than low-rise jeans.

Which cut of jeans for flat buttocks?

Avoid baggy jeans

Here again, the cut of the jeans is very important. If you're a fan of the women's wide jeans trend , so you'll have to make up your mind. Wide jeans are not straight enough to highlight your buttocks. Forget the baggy ones, the slouchy ones, etc… Make way for slim jeans, skinny jeans, straight jeans (regular), etc…

Try the push up jeans

If you've never tried these little nuggets of fashion, take a trip to the store to test the famous push-up jeans ! Zoom on a plump buttocks in pretty fashionable jeans!

3 tips to maximize the effects of jeans on flat buttocks

Choose your underwear wisely

To create a pretty pronounced curve, nothing beats under the sheathing underwear. From sheathing bodysuits to sheathing panties, these shape-restructuring underwear are incredible allies for enhancing the buttocks . They hold the buttocks higher, create a more visible curve and do not crush the already flat shape of your buttocks. There are even push-up panties , Did you know ?

Push-up jeans:anti-flat buttocks jeans

Test the famous push-up jeans. Natural and discreet, these jeans which seem like the others, are actually fitted to highlight your attributes. As its name suggests, it will give a push (volume) effect to your rear end. But be warned, this isn't about getting Jennifer Lopez's butt by putting on your jeans. The effect is more natural, but the relief is indeed present.

The choice of shoes

If you are used to wearing sneakers and you dream of a less flat buttocks, maybe you should put on your heels . No need to perch on 10 cm pumps, a small heel will be enough to give the illusion of a plumper buttocks!

To be absolutely avoided

  • Pockets too low;
  • Pockets that are too big:
  • Pockets not proportional to your buttocks.