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Why do your fashion shopping at Monoprix?

Monoprix , a brand initially known for its food offering, has been able to perfectly expand its shelves to include Beauty, Home and Fashion.

As loyal customers know, Monoprix stands out from some traditional brands by constantly innovating and offering a wide-ranging and original offer. More and more of the major national beauty brands are trusting Monoprix.

What about fashion at Monoprix ? What is the positioning and strategy of the Monoprix group? Why were we seduced by the trendy and urban fashion of the Monoprix brand?

How did Monoprix establish itself on the fashion market?

Monoprix:casual chic and urban fashion

First of all, you have to understand the universe of the Monoprix brand. The fashion universe at Monoprix now occupies a central place in the midst of decoration, beauty and food.

The brand offers a wide choice of trendy products with beautiful pieces intended for men, women and children alike. There are many basics to integrate into your dressing room but also unique designer pieces and the must-haves of the season.

Impossible to walk past the baby department without falling for one of the pretty pieces on display:organic cotton rompers, soft sleepsuits, everything is done to make us succumb!

On the side of women's fashion collections at Monoprix , we are quickly seduced by the cashmere sweaters, the little dressy linen dresses or the pretty warm winter coats. There is also a wide selection of trendy accessories at low prices:bags, shoes, clutches, scarves, etc.

With its 22 women's collections a year, the brand offers very urban and chic pieces and has been able to gradually attract an increasingly trendy clientele.

Finely selected collaborations

Doing your fashion shopping in a food store seems unimaginable to you? However, Monoprix has been able to offer and impose different beauty, home and fashion ranges all at once. Fashion enthusiasts no longer hesitate to shop for the latest trendy piece in this pioneering department store.

The brand has understood that to break into fashion, you have to attract a sharp clientele and looking for the latest trends. This is how the group decided to organize capsule collections several times a year with fashion professionals. From Bash to American Vintage, luxury brands have placed their trust in Monoprix, which has enabled them to attract a keen clientele of fashionistas.

Monoprix stores have several types of collaborations:

  • Partnerships with very little-known brands
  • Designers committed to an ethical approach and sustainable development
  • Recognised fashion designers

Thanks to a fine selection in the choice of its collaborations, Monoprix takes the upper hand and perfectly manages its avant-garde image. Fashionistas can come to the store up to twice a week to discover the new collections and the must-have pieces of the moment in their wardrobe.

A "fashion" approach in favor of the environment

Monoprix positions itself as a fashion brand taking into account current debates such as sustainable development, ethical fashion, etc. This is how we find organic cotton materials or in linen, cashmere sweaters, beautiful noble materials, of quality and respectful of the sustainable environment.

For example, this year, Monoprix partnered with the "I love linen" campaign by offering fashion and linen collections.

The brand also offers 100% organic cotton pieces for practicing yoga.

We also remember the "solidarity soft toys" sold by the brand for the benefit of the Shanti Joy Nivas association which takes care of underprivileged children in India.

Monoprix therefore continues to commit to sustainable development and offers us ethical and responsible fashion which corresponds perfectly to the trend of the moment.

Monoprix Winter 2019 fashion collections

This year 2019 is a great year in terms of collaboration for Monoprix, which partners with cutting-edge designers for our greatest pleasure. Whether in terms of decoration or fashion, we can discover the "must-haves" of the season through the pieces presented throughout the collections.

Ionna Vautrin X Monoprix

Since September 4, 2019, we can already discover the "Nest" collection, the result of the collaboration between Monoprix and designer Ionna Vautrin . Furniture, decoration and ready-to-wear are at the rendezvous with a playful and trendy universe. A refined but colorful collection with furniture, decoration and ready-to-wear for the whole family.

Como Editions X Monoprix

As of October 9, the Côme brand is expected with its collection of men's, women's and children's ready-to-wear as well as decoration. This brand of family origin created by a brother and his sister settled in Paris in the heart of the Marais. Côme, known as Kosmos in Greek, means "universe and balance" and corresponds perfectly to the poetic universe of the brand.

The designers of the Côme house are mainly known for their sublime embroidered satin jackets and are also committed to a real eco-responsible approach.

Polder X Monoprix

From October 23, 2019, we will have the chance to discover once again a duo of Dutch designers but this time of two sisters:Natalie and Madelon, founders of the Polder brand . This Dutch label will offer a new capsule collection with minimalist, sober and chic ready-to-wear lines intended mainly for women and young girls.

We can't wait to discover the brand's next collaborations. So, ready to do your fashion shopping at Monoprix?