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Strapless dress:for which morphology?

Whether you're going to a wedding, a fancy party, or just having dinner with friends, the strapless dress can be the flattering and elegant piece you're looking for. Curved chest, cinched waist, the bustier dress brings out femininity in no time.

Think this type of dress isn't for you? Follow our fashion expert's guide to find out how to choose your strapless dress according to your morphology.

Who can wear a strapless dress?

What body type is made to wear a strapless dress?

Nothing more vulgar than a bustier dress unsuited to the morphology of its owner. The chest that protrudes or the belly too molded and hop it's the fault of taste! First of all, you will have to define your morphology to know which model of strapless dress to choose.

Contrary to some ideas, most silhouettes can afford to wear strapless dresses . You just have to keep in mind that for each of the morphologies of a woman there is a cut to be preferred.

I have an O body type

I have curves and a strong chest.

How to wear a strapless dress with a large chest or with curves?

In this case, we opt for a flowing and long dress that will refine the silhouette. A good option is also to belt the dress to mark the waist.

I have a morphology in A

My waist is well defined and my shoulders are narrower than my hips.

For A-line silhouettes, we often try to emphasize the woman's bust , so the strapless dress can be the perfect dress for this figure! We will play on the effects of the headband by choosing a draped model at the neckline with fluid materials that will give volume to the upper body.

I have an X body type

My waist is well defined, I am thin and my hips and shoulders are aligned.

As we saw in the article on the different morphologies of women, the X silhouette can afford a lot. The strapless dress is therefore one of the many dresses that X-shaped silhouettes will be able to wear with ease, elegance and class.

All cuts of strapless dresses are suitable for them:tight-fitting or flowing, long or short, with details, a more or less marked size, etc. You can then choose the model at favorite and play with the choice of materials to find the detail that will make the difference!

The only golden rule is therefore to have fun and have fun choosing your model.

I have a V body shape

I have long, slender legs and a rather defined upper body with square shoulders.

You can afford to wear a strapless dress, but be sure to pay attention to the choice of neckline. Do not opt ​​for a headband that is too straight, which would reinforce the square side of your upper body.

Choose a model with a sweetheart neckline for example with a slight slit at the chest. Same thing for the cut of the strapless dress! The emphasis should be on the lower body, so choose a skater model with solid tones.

I have an H body shape

My waist is small and I have a slender frame with even hips and shoulders.

Choose a very feminine model with noble materials such as lace for example. Opt for a rather tight dress but do not belt your dress. Give volume with the patterns and materials chosen.