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XXL bags make us crack in 2020!

Joy, happiness and joy, we will finally be able to slip more than a lipstick into our handbag! Or at least that's what the latest fashion weeks and recent posts from the biggest influencers of the moment suggest. And that's good ! As practical as it is pretty, the XXL bag is the accessory to have for a shopping day, an afternoon at the beach and even to go to the office. Our advice for adopting the XXL bag in 2020.

The return of the XXL bag with a bang on the catwalks

The return of the maxi bag had been in the air for some time, especially with the craze for large beach baskets last summer, but it was the latest fashion shows that really revived the trend. Star of several podiums, the XXL bag is clearly the accessory to have in 2020 . Several influencers were quick to equip themselves, we will see that a little later. In short, we put back our micro-pouch in favor of a maxi bag to be on top this year!

Where can I find a nice XXL bag?

The XXL trend is still fresh, so it's not that easy to find a big bag worthy of the name! We recommend models from the LPB brand (Les P’tites Bombes) , which are fashionable and of good quality. So, we love the LPB bags to discover here!

You will find a large selection of buckets and shopping bags, which are this year's must-haves. We love the croco effect finish, very successful and very fashionable. We also really like the colors of the shopper bags, which are right on trend at the moment.

Which maxi bag to choose to be trendy in 2020?

You will understand, your it-bag of the year will be XXL or it will not be. We tell you a little more about the trendiest shapes of the moment.

The essential bucket bag

Should we still present the bucket bag ?! To be on top of fashion, we opt for a rigid leather, which better structures the bucket bag and gives it a very modern neo-bourgeois touch. For colors, the watchword is depth:black, burgundy, brown, red, forest green, purple...

The classic and chic shopping bag

It's very simple, we love the tote bag, especially in the midst of the big bag wave. Perfect for the office and for the weekend, it works just as well over a pencil skirt as it does with boyfriend jeans, as influencer Sincerelyjules proves. In short, the best ally of minimalist dressing rooms. To change from the classic black or brown leather tote, we recommend checks, the English tapestry-inspired print or even transparent PVC.

Sportswear bowling

Another bag trend to remember for 2020, sportswear. So, to be on fleak, we don't hesitate to go for a weekend size bowling bag. To be worn over the shoulder preferably, and in mock croc if possible. Namely:the "mock croc" refers to the exaggerated croc effect that we have been seeing everywhere for some time (yes, yes, it has a proper name).

The very modern puffy bag

If you fancy something really new for this year, go for a puffy bag. We choose it large of course, in soft leather (otherwise no puffy effect possible) and pastel color, perfect for sunny days. Pastel shades and white are also the fashionable colors for this spring.

The maxi banana

At the risk of disappointing some, the maxi bag trend does not sound the death knell for the banana. On the contrary, we find it declined in completely surreal dimensions by several creators:you should soon see it everywhere. If the XXL banana tempts you, we recommend that you fully assume and dare to use neon sportswear colors or even purple, the color of 2020.

The structured backpack

The backpack regained its former glory a few seasons ago, first in a comfy version, then in a fashion version, and more recently in a mini version. Of course, it does not escape the trend of the XXL bag and is now worn in large format. We like it in leather or rigid imitation to structure the silhouette, and colored if possible.

The XXL pouch

No more mini evening clutches, just big enough to slip in a bank card and a lipstick! Today, the clutch is chosen maxi, and we do not hesitate to crack on a model with fringes to give it even more breadth, magnificent to give style to a chic and glamorous evening outfit.

The little details that will turn your big bag into an it-bag

Want even more fashion? Focus on the little things that will make a difference in 2020.

Round handles

We've been seeing them for a while now, but the round handles haven't had their last word yet. Perfect on a maxi tote, they also work very well on a satchel, a basket or even a puffy bag.

The transparent bag

We know that plastic is fantastic, and fashionistas agree. The transparent PVC bag exists in all forms and in all colors! Sleek or downright flashy, the choice is yours. If you don't know what to wear it with, take inspiration from Matilda Djerf.


Like PVC, wicker is perfect in all circumstances and in all its forms. We recommend the large wicker shopping bag for the weekend and the large round bag for the week.


Maxi bags are no exception to the neo-bourgeois trend and display, more or less conspicuously, pretty pearls.

How to wear the XXL bag:a little inspiration

Social networks and especially Instagram are an absolutely inexhaustible source of inspiration. Here are some influencers who spotted the XXL bag trend before anyone else, to steal some good ideas from.

Pernille Teisbaek

We steal its sober and elegant look, perfectly highlighted by an XXL shoulder bag, practical and chic!

Season Loulou

We're inspired by her monochrome sand-colored ensemble that brings out her maxi bag and elongates her silhouette. The perfect look for a day at the office.

Jeanette Madsen

Jeanette Madsen wore an XXL bag during Paris Fashion Week Spring-Summer. We love its sportswear look inspired by the 90s, nicely offset by its it-bag.