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4 look inspirations for wearing loafers

The feminine/masculine trend has been very popular lately. We steal many fashion pieces from our bearded acolytes to create "boyish" looks à la Christine and the Queens .

From boyfriend jeans to oversized blazers, the trend doesn't stop there and goes so far as to borrow a chic and timeless shoe from the men's wardrobe: the loafer, .

Maybe you thought these moccasins were old-fashioned and reserved for people of a certain age or lifestyle? Well no, the loafer has not said its last word and is positioned as an ultra chic and trendy shoe.

How to wear loafers with style? What look with moccasins?

How to wear loafers?

Updated by Gucci, loafers are the trendy shoes to wear this year.

A symbol of chic and refinement, these moccasin shoes go very easily with many fashion pieces.

There are flat ones, wedge ones, in the classic black version or with prints, with buckles or without buckles. In short, there's something for everyone! The models are made to please us and stick to the trends of the moment. From glitter to python print, moccasins are more extravagant than ever.

Here are 4 styles of clothing that are perfect for wearing loafers .

Adopt the feminine/masculine trend

Moccasins are the perfect shoes to surf the feminine/masculine trend .

The idea is to find the right fit between feminine and masculine pieces and add some jewelry to feminize it all.

Create a casual chic look

Models of Gucci type flat loafers are perfect for gentrifying an outfit made up of basic pieces. With their mules spirit chic, flat loafers bring a casual yet chic touch to any outfit.

Choose a model that will give a rock touch

A pair of loafers can also perfectly complete a rock look or bring a rock touch to a wise outfit.

Do you dare the vintage style?

If there is one shoe that inspires us vintage, it's the moccasin. For a perfect retro touch, you might as well go all out and choose a completely quirky pair with embroidered flowers or a vintage tapestry-style print from the 90s!

Opt for retro prints or surprising materials like the Fendi loafer adorned with toupee-style wool and encrusted cubic and colored elements on the front of the shoe.