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Dress-sneakers:the winning duo for a trendy look.

Gone are the days when we had to wear heels with our little feminine dresses. The streetwear completely turned morals upside down by bringing the sneakers at the top of the trendiest looks of the moment. If you thought that wearing a dress with sneakers was corny, think again. The trainer-dress association all good. Whether you wear a short or long dress, just choose the right pair of sneakers .

To help you see more clearly, we have researched the dress-sneaker looks the trendiest of the moment. How to wear a dress with sneakers? Which sneakers to choose with your dress?

Why wearing sneakers with a dress is incredibly trendy?

The perfect style for the cool and trendy chick

The association sneakers and dress works perfectly for a very simple reason. If you manage to combine the two and your outfit is pretty, then you have style. You look dressed ultra-cool in no time. This gives you the status of the stylish girl!

This style of outfit can be worn on any occasion, whether you're going out to dinner with friends or going for a walk in town, you'll be very comfortable with sneakers without however, you have to wear trousers.

A comfortable outfit for all seasons

Did you think dress-sneaker looks were reserved for summer outfits? Well no, the advantage of this kind of look is that you can wear them all year round. One more opportunity to wear our little dresses in the middle of winter while being comfortable.

Some trendy pairing ideas for wearing a dress with sneakers in winter:

  • Long dress + oversized knit + sneakers
  • Long dress + biker jacket + sneakers
  • Long dress + denim jacket + oversize scarf + sneakers
  • Short dress + opaque tights + sneakers
  • Short dress + vest loose + sneakers

What tights to choose with dress-sneakers? It all depends on the style of your dress and its print. The safest bet is a pair of opaque tights. You can even wear white sneakers with your tights.

Don't be afraid to wear oversized sweaters and knitwear over your dress. Just add an elegant handbag and some jewelry to pep up your outfit.

What style of dresses to wear with sneakers?

How to wear a long dress with sneakers?

Romantic style long dress

If you're used to Instagram and fashion blogger looks, you've certainly heard of Navy Paris . This young Parisian designer specializes in chic and comfy looks. and provides us with all the inspiration we need to create feminine sneaker dresses looks. .

Romantic spirit and loose fit , long fluid and vaporous dresses, the looks of the instagramer are easy to wear in everyday life...

To break up and modernize the romantic spirit of the long flowing dress, sneakers are perfect. You can choose thin, thick or with wedge soles. What matters is choosing a model that matches your outfit.

  • Choose two-tone or plain sneakers (Air Force 1, GGDB Sstar, Falcon Adidas or Fila).
  • White sneakers are a great choice because they go with everything.
  • If you can, make a discreet color reminder between your sneakers and your dress.
  • Feminine your outfit with chic accessories:a pretty handbag, beautiful jewellery, a scarf in your hair, etc.

Long retro-style dress

If there is a style of dress that lends itself to the association long dress with sneakers , these are the little dresses in retro style!

Polka dot dresses, gingham dresses, button dresses… Sneakers are a complete contrast to the vintage spirit of this style of dress and bring a perfect touch of modernity for a successful look.

The Van’s have a retro and modern side at the same time, so they are a great option to wear sneakers with a polka dot dress .

Long animal print dress

Leopard, zebra, python, animal print has invaded the fashion world and continues to seduce fashionista from all over the world.

Women often mistakenly think that animal print is difficult to wear and match, and yet it is very easy. Just pair it with a pair of sneakers! With this combination, you will soften the feline and rebellious allure of the animal print and obtain an ultra-modern look.

How to wear a short dress with sneakers?

Just like with a long dress, sneakers dress up a little short dress perfectly.

Again, all styles of sneakers can be paired with a short dress. Make according to the print of your dress and remember that white is the easiest to combine!

  • Choose a dress with a modern cut this year:wrap dress, shirt dress , skater dress, denim dress.
  • Go for the nineties style which is at the heart of the trend (dress with shoulder pads, balloon sleeves, asymmetrical cuts).
  • For a fashion-forward look, opt for wedge sneakers, Dad Shoes or platform sneakers.

Pair a black dress with sneakers

The black dress is the basis of a woman's wardrobe. Short or long, chic or casual, it is one of the fashion essentials.

Looking for a cool outfit that's easy to create? Opt for a black dress with sneakers , nothing could be easier to combine!

Again, all types of sneakers can be paired with a black dress.

  • If you want a more classic look with your black dress, always opt for skinny sneakers.
  • If you are looking for a trendy look :the new trend of the moment is running shoes and Dad Shoes . These models are very well suited for an urban outfit and for a casual chic look. We like to associate them with a black dress, which allows us to choose them colored and/or bi-material for a sparkling look.

In summary:

  • The combination dress and trainers is ultra trendy.
  • Sneakers can be worn with a short or long dress, in summer as well as in winter (with tights).
  • White sneakers go with all styles of dresses.
  • Choose this type of trainer:Converse, Van's, Air Force 1, Dad Shoes, running shoes, etc.
  • Opt for a stylish dress:wrap dress, skater dress, dress with balloon sleeves, long floral dress, leopard dress, shirt dress, etc.
  • A black dress is very easy to pair with sneakers.