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How to accessorize a polka dot dress?

For a few years, the polka dot print is everywhere and comes in all its forms:blouses, dresses, accessories, etc.

One ​​of the strong trends of recent seasons is the polka dot dress . In black and white or colored versions, vintage dresses can be worn all year round, in summer and winter.

While polka dot dresses come from the past, they are also very contemporary. From chic to casual, this is a dress you can wear for many occasions.

With its bold prints, the polka dot dress is the central element of an outfit. The accessories will therefore complete the look and match perfectly with the polka dots of the dress.

How to wear a polka dot dress with elegance? What shoes to wear with her dress? How to choose the right accessories for a polka dot dress ?

We answer all your questions in this article.

How to accessorize a polka dot dress?

As we said above, the polka dot dress is the star piece of your outfit, don't forget it.

Here are all our tips for modernizing your outfit by choosing the right accessories.

What jewelry to wear with a polka dot dress?

With a polka dot dress, opt for simple jewelry .

Because polka dots are already the central element of your outfit, be sure to wear only a few jewels without overdoing it so as not to overload your look.

Wear simple necklaces and reserve multi-row necklaces for other outfits.

Beads go perfectly with the vintage spirit of polka dot dresses. They immediately give your outfit a chic look and are particularly a jewel of choice for going to a formal event.

If you want to wear a polka dot dress for a wedding , opt for a blue dress with white polka dots (from sky blue to navy blue, you will be very elegant) or for a brown dress with white polka dots (a very chic trend). You can sophisticate your outfit with pearly pearls or golden jewelry.

What shoes with a polka dot dress?

The number 1 style rule for wearing shoes with a polka dot dress is very simple:exit the patterns and prints. Your shoes should enhance your outfit without being too flashy. Choose plain shoe colors instead.

You can wear a polka dot dress with different styles of shoes:

  • boots
  • heels
  • sandals
  • wedges
  • sneakers

For example, with a black polka dot dress , you can choose to wear Van’s black and white or Converses for a casual style. Retro-style dresses are perfect for adopting the trend of the moment:dress-sneakers.

  • If you're looking for a dressier outfit with your black dress, wear nude heels or black.
  • If you want to create a retro look, you can opt for sheer white dots with bright red round toe heels for the perfect pin-up em> .

What jacket with a polka dot dress?

You can wear a pretty mesh or a jacket with your polka dot dress . The sweater trend worn over the dress in a slightly oversized version gives a very modern touch.

Dare to wear a colored cardigan or sweater to break up the monotony of the polka dots in your dress if they aren't already too lively. If you have any doubts about the choice of color, go with neutral tones such as beige or cream.

In summer, the denim jacket goes perfectly with a polka dot dress. The perfecto is also a good option if you have black on your dress.

What accessories with a polka dot dress?

To elegantly mark the waist and slightly break up the pattern of your dress, do not hesitate to belt your dress with polka dots . It's up to you whether you prefer a thin or wide belt and at what waist level you want to wear it.

If you're wearing a ruffled polka dot dress in summer, you can accessorize it with a pretty straw hat or a wicker bag.

How do I choose the color of my accessories with my polka dot dress?

There are 2 main ways to choose your accessories with a polka dot dress . One will consist in brightening up the outfit by breaking the coldness of the polka dot with colorful accessories and the other will sublimate the outfit with elegance by opting for more discreet accessories.

Stay on the same color tones for a chic look

First of all, it is worth choosing accessories in the same tones as your dress.

If the polka dots on your dress are already very colorful, it will be difficult to associate colored accessories with it. You risk making your outfit much too flashy.

For example, if you wear a red dress with white polka dots , it will be easier to opt for white accessories than to opt for a flashy color that will break the rhythm of your look.

Upgrade your outfit with a pop of color

If you have the eye, you can very easily add a touch of color and upgrade your look with a colorful accessory. But be careful, it is very important to make the right color combinations!

You can wear accessories in bright colors if your dress is black, gray, beige or navy blue. These colors remaining sober and discreet, your accessories can quickly go unnoticed if they are not colorful enough.


  • The polka dot dress is the star piece of your look thanks to its print.
  • Opt for simple, understated jewelery (pearls are perfect for enhancing a polka-dot dress).
  • Choose plain shoes (without prints) so as not to overload your outfit visually.
  • In summer, you can wear a denim jacket with your dress or a perfecto.
  • Dare to use colored accessories to modernize your look.