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The women's blazer:the chic must-have for all your looks

Inherited from the male wardrobe, the blazer is now a must in the female wardrobe. The women's suit jacket is an easy piece to wear every day, which you absolutely must have in your closet. We give you some tips for choosing and matching your blazer.

Length, cut, material… What is a blazer?

Let's start by quickly reviewing the B.A.BA of the blazer :what is it, how is it cut, what length, what material…?

Question cut first, there are two:curved or straight. The first marks the waist and falls at the hips. The straight cut goes down to the beginning of the thighs most often, and makes it possible to lengthen the silhouette. This is the classic cut of a women's suit jacket.

In winter, we prefer wool or cashmere blazers , which keep us warm and offer a beautiful finish. In summer and as soon as the good weather arrives, we swap our warm blazer for a cotton or linen version, lighter but just as chic. You can also, in winter, opt for a women's tweed suit jacket , with a straight cut and a round neck. This option is a little more "strict" than the others, and therefore should be offset with more casual pieces to stay modern. Last possibility, the tuxedo jacket, with a mandatory shiny satin collar. Both chic and fashionable, the women's tuxedo jacket can be worn in a boyish version over a white shirt or in a more glamorous way with nothing underneath.

Choosing the right blazer

To be sure to be stylish with a blazer, you must first choose the right one. Here are some tips for finding your women's suit jacket or blazer.

Depending on your morphology

If you are short

Shorter women will look their best with a fitted, cropped suit jacket that falls above the buttocks.

If you're tall

Taller girls can choose what they like:short or long, curved or straight. Namely, the fitted cut of the blazer is best suited to women who have a marked waist.

If you're round

The women's suit jacket is absolutely perfect if you have curves. Chosen rather long (up to the top or even in the middle of the thighs) and straight, it refines the silhouette. Be sure to wear your blazer open, to avoid "locking yourself in".

If you are petite

A fitted and short blazer will be perfect on a petite silhouette since it will emphasize the shapes, but the straight and long version will work just as well. The latter will give you a charming little boyish look, and will also enhance your look.

Depending on your style

Like all timeless fashions, the women's blazer has been declined in many ways, and you will be spoiled for choice for yours.

Rather classic chic?

If you are looking for a suit jacket that you can wear for any occasion and with all your favorite outfits, bet on the classic. Black, navy blue and light gray are the easiest colors to wear and match.

Fancy a trendy blazer?

If you want a more original and trendy women's blazer, we advise you to bet on checks, the big trend of recent seasons. We also really like sequined or metallic blazers, which become real fashion statements as soon as you put them on.

Ideas for looks with a women's suit jacket

We told you, the women's blazer can be worn with everything, and works for all styles. Demonstration.

Casual-chic outfit with a blazer

Put on pretty classic raw jeans, a white T-shirt (with a little embroidery, why not) and your favorite blazer for an outfit that's both chic and casual. Add a pair of leopard sneakers for the fashion touch, and a bucket bag for elegance.

Comfy outfit with a blazer

Wear your blazer, preferably straight cut, with a black denim miniskirt and a loose fine-knit sweater underneath. Put on a pair of flat ankle boots and finish your look with a pretty fashionable belt.

Office outfit with a blazer

To be trendy at the office, there's nothing like the women's suit jacket. Opt for a trendy model, checkered for example, and wear your jacket with black or navy blue 7/8 suit trousers. Slip a white blouse underneath, and a pair of pumps or loafers on your feet, you will be perfect.