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Nude color:fashion trend 2020

In terms of fashion, the codes are constantly changing and each season brings us its share of new colors, cuts and materials. This year, the nude color is one of the strong trends to remember. A delicate color, star of minimalist and chic looks.

The nude color is suitable for all women as long as you know how to wear it. As a total look or as a unique piece, the nude inspires romance and elegance and will be particularly highlighted on key pieces of the season such as high-waisted shorts, a light dress with a crossed back or a sexy and refined bralette.

Although attractive at first glance, the nude color remains a very light color sometimes difficult to match. Badly accessorized, this color can quickly make you look bad.

How to embrace the nude trend with taste? What accessories to wear with nude clothes? Mes Habits Chéris gives you its fashion secrets.

Deciphering the nude trend

The nude color palette

Nude doesn't stop at the beige color . The nude color palette is very wide and gives way to light and iridescent beiges, whites, creams and powdery pinks. It is a set of very sensual and very natural soft colors.

If you are looking for a feminine outfit, go without hesitation for a nude garment . With its refined hues, nude is flattering and adapts very easily to all styles of clothing.

A good color in winter

The nude style is also particularly suitable for the autumn/winter season.

As ​​a total look or as a unique piece, nude clothing warms up looks that are often too dark.

The nude trend

The romantic and chic trend also extends to beauty and accessories.

You may have already heard of nude makeup , a discreet make-up that enhances facial features for a natural look.

A nude make-up is perfect to highlight a look discreetly!

Nude:the chic color par excellence

It is the color of choice for weddings, baptisms and other formal events.

With its variation of pure and light shades, nude brings a touch of freshness and elegance that no other garment will have.

Going to a wedding? Opt for a powder pink empire waist dress or an elegant cream suit set with pumps, you will shine with your elegance.

The nude dresses are wonderful. As long as you have opted for a beautiful material such as silk, tulle or lace, your outfit will be enhanced in no time.

The nude trend on accessories

Accessories also love the natural trend. Sandals, headbands, bracelets, handbags, belts, nude accessories illuminate a look that is too dark and bring a touch of elegance.

How to wear nude?

The total nude look

The total look is very trendy this year.

If you like nude and its variations, opt for a total nude look chic and refined. Halter dress and sandals, oversized blazer, top with puff sleeves, cargo pants or trench coat, all options are good.

Nude with color

Soft shades can also be worn with color. To successfully complete the exercise, you have to choose your color combinations carefully. Flashy colors highlight nude but should be used sparingly.

You can absolutely add a pair of red pumps to enhance a powder pink dress.

What colors to wear with nude?

  • Emerald green
  • Bright red
  • Camel
  • Black
  • Denim blue
  • Bright pink
  • Royal blue

Conversely, if you wear a very colorful outfit (an orange dress for example or a fuchsia pink dress), soften your look with nude shoes (beige, light pink or cream pumps).

Nude with white

White is incredibly pure when it marries a nude color. These are two colors that you can mix without hesitation.

How to accessorize a nude look?

What accessories with nude?

Nude being a chic color, it goes perfectly with refined accessories and shiny colors such as patent leather, gold, silver and copper!

Flashy colors also highlight nude clothes very well when used with care.

Thus, a beige dress can be enhanced with an elegant fuchsia pink clutch or emerald green jewelry. The touch of color must remain discreet and on a single accessory.

What shoes with nude clothes?

To emphasize a nude look, opt for shoes a shade below or below the shade of your clothes.

Also think about the choice of materials by opting for cream suedette pumps, a camel suedette perfecto or even a black leather skirt to enhance a nude look.

In summary:

  • The nude style is very trendy this season.
  • It is the color of chic and pure elegance.
  • For a controlled look, dare to wear shades of nude or, on the contrary, wear a colorful accessory!
  • It's a perfect color for a wedding guest outfit.