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Know everything about the green skirt trend:associations, looks, cuts...

To add color to your dressing room, there's nothing like a little colored skirt. And this year, we're totally cracking on the green skirt trend . Summer, winter, autumn, spring, each season has its own green skirt color .What are the styles of trendy green skirts This year ? How to wear a green skirt ? What colors to associate it with?

The green skirt:an essential trend this year

You may have noticed, this year we see a lot of green skirts . With its symbolism of balance and harmony, the color green brings with it a retro chic breath that we really like. And what can I say, except that it feels good to be able to wear colorful skirts!

Green is all the more chic because it goes perfectly with all kinds of materials :lace, silk, satin… Nothing can resist it.

  • A khaki green skirt paired with camel will give you an adventurous air.
  • An anise green skirt with white, and you'll look like you're straight out of the 70s...
  • On velvet, a dark green skirt becomes very vintage! A style conducive to creating original looks.

In short, green is THE color to have in your wardrobe this season. And good news, associate green is quite simple! We've even prepared a short paragraph on the possible associations just below.

Emporio Armani , Christian Dior , Dolce &Gabbana , the greatest creators give us clues about the next trends to follow. All have adopted green. In pleated leather skirt version at one, retro miniskirt or safari look at the other, the green skirt really takes on a chameleon function to adapt to all clothing styles .

And if you're not a fan of green, you may well be won over quickly by the influx of green hues available to us:apple green, anise green, fir green, emerald green, water green... You will understand, you have not ONE but at least 10 good reasons to opt for the green skirt trend!

With which colors to associate a green skirt?

Green with green

In fashion, the most successful looks are often those that require the most audacity.Combining green with another green is not so easy, but this kind of combination can give you a very "haute couture" look. For the more playful, you can even mix up to three shades of green, but the operation is more risky.

Your shades must be fairly close without being the same green:a fir green with a bottle green for example.

Green in a color block look

To get away from the traditional green + black or green + beige look, why not combine your green skirt with a beautiful electric blue? I guarantee that the set will be explosive and colorful, in addition to being very trendy.

Tell yourself that few women dare this type of association but many would like to have the taste and the audacity to do so. A small example:a green pleated skirt with a blue sweater and blue pumps.

Pink and green are also very pretty to look at together, as is red and green or green and gold.

Green and white

It's an ideal combination for summer. Wear your green skirt with white , cream, beige or nude. No bad taste possible by combining these two colors.

An example:an anise green skirt with a white button-up shirt.

Sure values

And finally, the colors that work for sure with a green skirt:black or gray.

Green and prints

Leopard, polka dots, stripes, flowers, green goes very easily with many trendy prints . So dare to vary the styles and make combinations you wouldn't have thought of.

  • Fir green + leopard,
  • Dark green + plaid shirt,
  • Green skirt + blue and white or black and white sailor….

How to wear a green skirt in winter?

This season the green skirt seduced everyone. Two main trends stand out:the green velvet or suede skirt and the pleated green skirt (fir green or emerald green).

Green velvet skirt

Straight cut, A-line skirt without patterns or with buttons, it's up to you to see which one will make you succumb. One thing is certain, the green velvet skirt is perfect for the season. With thigh high boots, an oversized knit, a blouse, ankle boots and tights, it will dress up your daytime looks very easily. Fir green is perfect for a party outfit or a chic evening outfit.

The green leather skirt

Another essential material of the year:leather. Like the traditional black leather skirt, the green skirt has the advantage of bringing color and warmth to your looks. Ideal for putting color in a rock style and very easy to match with black!

It's very simple, a pair of black tights, chunky boots and a big oversized knit are enough to create a great modern look.

That was for the leather miniskirt version. But there is still a model that has caught our attention, it is the green pencil skirt leather . Dark in colour, this skirt is suitable for most body types and particularly round women . Combined with a flowing white shirt and heels, you'll have the perfect working girl look.

The pleated green skirt

Metallic green, green leather or dark green, the pleated midi skirt is perfect for wearing the skirt in winter without getting cold in the legs.We associate it with a white shirt and pumps for a work outfit. An oversized knit and sneakers for a casual chic style or even with a bodysuit for an evening outfit or a beautiful blouse. The pleated midi skirt is one of the strong trends of the year. It is suitable for many rock, bohemian, chic, etc. clothing styles.

How to wear the green skirt in summer?

The color green in summer

The hotter it is, the more you can opt for shades of green that tend towards the light. Thus, favor the emerald green skirt in winter andthe water green skirt for a summer look . This pastel color is also one of the favorite colors for a wedding guest outfit or for a chic evening. Very soft and romantic, it is an ideal color for the bohemian style. Even more, if you choose it in midi skirt mode for a romantic style. You can therefore choose a water green, apple green, anise green, pastel green skirt….

The skater green skirt

Another choice that works both summer and winter is the green skater skirt. Available in any shade of green you like. The skater skirt is ideal for a work outfit but it also goes perfectly with a more casual daytime look. We wear it with a white Peter Pan collar blouse, a light top in summer, a lace blouse... A thousand and one options are possible.

In summary

  • If we sum up the situation, this year you can't miss the green skirt.
  • We wear it in a short version (high waist), straight or as an A-line or skater skirt and it comes in all shades.
  • For a romantic look, go for the pleated skirt or the tulle skirt .
  • And in winter, satin, velvet, suede, green is getting better. Perfect for a holiday look. You can even wear the green sequined skirt.