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Long pleated skirt:how to wear it without getting stuck?

Official uniform of cool girls for a few seasons, the long pleated skirt remains a piece that is sometimes difficult to associate, for fear of ending up with a look that is too wise, which would make us look like a child on a Sunday mass (just that). It is indeed necessary to know how to twist the classicism of this piece in order to concoct a look of the most trends and avoid the fashion faux-pas.

Preppy, British, cool kid or even rock version, we take stock of the do's and don'ts of the long pleated skirt and we tell you how to wear it without getting stuck .

The long pleated skirt:for which morphologies?

Thanks to unfailing fluidity, the pleated skirt adapts quite well to all body types . It lengthens the legs of the smallest among us, reduces the curves of the belly and/or thighs, elongates the silhouette of the tallest and brings volume to the thinnest.

In principle, the long pleated skirt suits everyone, but be careful to choose a cut that suits you ! While long pleated skirts are generally straight skirts, their length varies slightly, ranging from the middle of the calves to around the ankles. You must therefore be sure to choose a length that highlights you . In addition, the height of the waist (high, normal or low waist) may also differ, another criterion to take into account when choosing your long pleated skirt.

Which model to choose to avoid getting stuck?

One ​​of the most effective ways to break the wise side of a long pleated skirt is simply to opt for something a little more daring than the simple navy pleated skirt!

Luckily, the long pleated skirt is so trendy right now that you will find all kinds of patterns, materials and colors to spruce up your looks:

Long pleated faux leather skirt


Ultra-trendy, the long pleated skirt in leather or faux leather is perfect for adopting the pleated skirt without getting stuck . We wear it in autumn and winter, with a pretty plain sweater and boots for a feminine and chic look or we dare a transparent blouse at the top for a more glam and even less demure effect.

Anyway, be sure to opt for a long pleated skirt in quality faux leather to make sure you look good!

Long metallic pleated skirt


Absolutely essential this year, the metallic versions of the pleated skirt are clearly popular. We love the great classics that are the golden pleated skirt , silver or bronze, but also more daring shades such as a metallic dark green, a shiny pink or even a purple, color of the year.

With it, we wear a more sober top:plain black or white T-shirt, white shirt, turtleneck sweater... Fans of the preppy style will love mixing the audacity of the long pleated skirt with the candor of a Claudine collar .

Long pleated patterned skirt


More difficult to wear than its plain cousins, the long patterned pleated skirt represents, we grant you, a little fashion challenge. Nevertheless, there's nothing like a little challenge taken up to get you going in the morning, so don't hesitate to fall for a patterned pleated skirt ! The trendiest of the moment are retro prints such as polka dots, and, of course, the eternal leopard print. Wide and colorful stripes, inspired by psychedelics, are also on the rise.

At the top, of course, we go for sober:a plain knit sweater for winter and a white or black t-shirt for summer.

Long colorful pleated skirt


Latest model of the moment:the long and colorful pleated skirt. Yellow, pink, red, blue, purple… Almost all colors are welcome as long as they are bright. You can even opt for a satiny pleated skirt , trendy material if any. Depending on your style and the occasion, feel free to mix and match bright colors:blue and green; red and pink; purple and orange; blue and pink… Just be careful not to mix more than 3 colors on a single look.

What accessories to wear to avoid getting stuck with a long pleated skirt?

If choosing a daring model is a good tactic toavoid looking stuck in a pleated skirt , know that the other infallible secret is to choose the right accessories.

Indeed, if you have a simple long pleated skirt, black or navy blue for example, you just have to mix it with strong pieces to give it some pep and boost your look . Several pieces may be suitable, to choose according to your tastes:

  • An XXL colored or metallic clutch
  • A jeweled belt
  • A printed scarf (anything you want!)
  • Colorful pumps, leopard or python
  • Trendy sneakers (zebra, leopard, glitter, color block…)
  • A belt bag;
  • Women's cowboy boots;
  • And many more!