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Autumn Desires – My inspiration of the moment

Starting the day with a little coffee and a little sweetness, that's what I appreciate in my desires as a dynamic Parisian.
In this fall season, I wanted to make the most of my interior.
And that's how I came across the KonMarie method by doing some research.
Created by the Japanese Marie Kondō, this art of living allows you to optimize your space.
A way of life that has spoken to me a lot for the past few weeks...

Desires – Ten tips for emptying

In order to bring serenity to an interior, there are a few storage tips to adopt.

1- First, make a decluttering to-do list
2 – Dedicate 10 minutes each day to a task
3 – Then take care of one room at a time
4 – Follow the “One in, one out” rule – For every item purchased, get rid of another
5 – Then, fill a bag a day with items you no longer need
6 – Reduce space where clutter can accumulate
7 – Organize the wardrobe
8 – If desired, create a keepsake box
9 – Install one or more storage baskets
10 – Finally, Deal with all the paperwork that's lying around

I started this method since mid-October and I feel better at home.
It's a real feeling of fullness, a kind of beginning and end with oneself.
Feel free to give me your opinion and/or testimonials.