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Ownsport – My personal sports coach finally accessible!

The end of year celebrations are fast approaching; and my new resolutions are gradually being defined to start a new year full of vitality, tone and beauty ! Ifsport is also part of your list of 2019 goals, I encourage you to discover the concept of sports coaching in Paris with Ownsport.

A personal trainer in Paris with Ownsport

Loss of weight , muscle strengthening, cardio, physical maintenance, preparation for challenges, etc.
Since 2006, Ownsport offers an online coach booking service. They are meticulously selected and recruited to rigorously meet our sporting and health desires .

Nearly 10,000 regular customers and no less than 97% satisfaction rate … It reassures as soon as you visit the site! The concept is in tune with the times and very attractive. To book a personal sports coach in Paris, count for a 1 hour session at home, between 38 and 50 euros.

If at first glance the price may seem expensive, know that Ownsport is the first “Personal Services” approved sports coaching agency. As a result, it is possible to obtain a deduction 50% tax on home coaching; which amounts to an estimated price between 19 and 25 euros .

A particularly interesting concept that allows you to practice a sports and well-being activity with a pro in complete serenity . Indeed, the sports coaches all hold a State Diploma of Sports Educator attesting to their knowledge and specificities.

Go to the Ownsport website to find your sports coach in Paris

Be followed and trained by a sports coach in Paris

On the network of 5000 coaches throughout France including no less than 1100 coaches are based in Paris and its suburbs . As a bonus, atOwnsport , sports coaches attach great importance to the personalization of sessions according to the client's schedule . This means that sessions can be done from Monday to Sunday from 8am to 10pm; at home or in a public place close to home.

Personally, I particularly appreciate the importance given to my personal expectations and physical constraints. Depending on the history; priority needs and place of residence; Ownsport offers a coach who responds point by point to our requests. From now on, it is finally possible for me to have a personal coach in Paris without me ruin … Enough to have a toned body and iron health in 2019!

Why do I prefer a personal trainer instead of training in the gym?

To begin with, it is very difficult for me to combine my work with indoor sports sessions
Moreover, I am absolutely not rigorous in this area if I am alone to have to manage myself
Then, the idea of ​​having a personal and certified sports coach comforts me and motivates me 1000% ,
Finally, my coach establishes a program that meets my expectations and can congratulate me when I surpass myself (and that's nice!)

Ownsport:an expert tracking program

The Ownsport website offers a real digital monitoring table. I find this interface very playful and for good reason. Each customer has a private and personalized space; where it is super easy to follow its evolution, its fitness report, its performance. A very effective way to stay motivated and target a weight goal.

In addition, there is also complete and detailed information on the coaches such as:any reviews left by their customers; their specialties and a brief word of introduction.

So girls, get ready for 2019 resolutions ?

For more info, visit the Ownsport website