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How To Get Fuller Lips Naturally? 12 Tricks That Work.

Do you dream of having luscious lips like Angelina Jolie?

No need to do plastic surgery for that...

Or even buy a plumping balm!

Do you know that there are effective grandmother's tricks to have a beautiful naturally curved mouth?

And you probably have everything you need at home to do these makeup-free home treatments.

Here are 12 natural tips to plump up your lips without injections, without botox and without surgery .

Cosmetic surgeons will wait and you will save a lot of money! Watch:

  • 1. Do Lip Gym
  • 2. Scrub your lips with a toothbrush
  • 3. Do a baking soda scrub
  • 4. Hydrate your lips well every day
  • 5. Make a homemade thyme treatment
  • 6. Make a honey mask
  • 7. Massage your lips with an ice cube
  • 8. Do a natural cinnamon treatment
  • 9. Make a clove oil mask
  • 10. Use mint essential oil
  • 11. Make a pepper mask...
  • 12. Or chilli!
  • Apply concealer
  • Use a lip liner
  • Color your lips
  • Use a highlighter
  • 2 things not to do for luscious lips
  • Precautions

1. Do Lip Gym

To have luscious lips, well, it's like having plump buttocks!

You have to go to the gym!

The lip gym may seem like something surprising.

But imagine that it is probably the most effective way to have a fuller mouth.

These small exercises repeated ten times daily maintain the muscles of the mouth.

To start, smile and whistle.

Then do the kissing exercise. Contract your lips as hard as you can and push them forward.

Exactly as if you were going to give a big kiss!

Then recite your alphabet, really exaggerating the pronunciation of the letters. Pay particular attention to the letters X and O.

This is undoubtedly the best way to have fuller lips permanently and naturally.

2. Scrub your lips with a toothbrush

Here is a little morning ritual very easy to adopt to have a fuller mouth every day.

Take a moistened soft toothbrush. And massage your lips with it.

This simple gesture eliminates dead skin and makes the skin softer.

But above all, it stimulates blood circulation which makes the lips swell.

But the ultimate is to add a little honey to make this gentle treatment.

Just put some honey on the toothbrush and run it over your lips.

Or, apply a balm beforehand to preserve the delicate skin of the lips.

Know that you can also use a washcloth to do this treatment.

A little more advice?

If you ever do a facial scrub, take the opportunity to scrub your lips on the way.

It is an excellent natural beauty treatment for your lips.

3. Do a baking soda scrub

Exfoliation precisely... Let's talk about it! We think of doing a scrub for the face.

So why not for the lips, will you tell me?

Yes, the lips also deserve good care.

And a gentle exfoliation once a week is recommended.

It eliminates dead skin. But that's not all.

It will also activate the microcirculation of the lips.

Which automatically will make them swell.

And you don't even have to spend money to make this scrub!

Here are some ideas for making a gentle scrub at home:

With baking soda, sugar, honey, lemon or coconut oil.

4. Hydrate your lips well every day

In my opinion, we can never repeat it enough.

It is essential to moisturize your lips properly every day, even several times a day.

Indeed, the skin of the lips is very fragile.

And this, both in winter and in summer.

Lips need to be deeply nourished and protected to keep their full volume.

Choose a natural moisturizing balm with coconut oil or shea butter.

To discover: 7 Easy-to-Make Lip Balms Your Lips Will LOVE.

5. Make a homemade thyme treatment

Here is a grandmother's remedy that few people know to have beautiful luscious lips.

It's a bit like a magic potion whose secret is jealously guarded!

It is a natural herbal treatment that provides deep hydration to the lips and beautifies them.

The recipe for this treatment is simple.

Mix in equal amounts of thyme, chamomile and willow bark.

Take a tablespoon of this mixture. And put it in a bowl.

Heat 250 ml of water and pour it over the herbs.

Soak a cloth in this mixture and apply it to the lips.

Let your homemade treatment act for 20 min.

Your lips will love it!

6. Make a honey mask

Honey is a natural product with multiple benefits.

One of its properties is to be a great healing and moisturizing agent.

It also has a plumping effect on your lips.

This is what you will like!

To have beautiful plump lips, cover your lips with honey and leave on for as long as possible.

The ideal is to let it act all night. Check out the trick here.

7. Massage your lips with an ice cube

For an instant plumping effect, think of the ice cube.

The cold will give them a little stimulating boost.

For this, take an ice cube and put in a clean cloth.

Massage your lips with it for 2 min.

The effect of the cold will instantly make your lips swell in seconds!

Very handy, isn't it?

8. Do a natural cinnamon treatment

Cinnamon has many virtues. But did you know that it stimulates blood circulation?

Very useful to make the lips swell naturally!

Simply add a few drops of cinnamon essential oil to your lip balm, gloss or homemade scrub.

You can also mix it with petroleum jelly and then brush this care gently on your lips with the toothbrush.

Another solution with cinnamon is to mix cinnamon powder with olive oil.

You get a paste that you apply to your lips with your fingers or your toothbrush.

Leave on for 5 minutes and remove the mask with a cotton ball. Rinse to finish.

You will immediately see the difference. Your lips are both hydrated and more plump.

9. Make a clove oil mask

For a slightly more contouring treatment, you can try clove oil.

It stings a bit, but it does its bit to plump up your lips!

This homemade treatment moisturizes your lips and makes them swell and gives them a nice color.

For this, mix in a bowl 2 tablespoons of clove oil and 1 tablespoon of super moisturizing avocado oil.

Apply your mixture to the lips with clean fingers. And leave on for 5 min.

Rinse and smile!

10. Use mint essential oil

If you want a fresh effect, just mix 1 drop of peppermint essential oil with your lip balm, your gloss.

You can also add it to your homemade scrub.

The result will be identical:it will give your lips a boost.

It is also possible to mix this oil with a little petroleum jelly.

Then all you have to do is scoop up some of the mixture with a soft toothbrush and gently rub it over your lips.

11. Make a pepper mask...

To take advantage of the stimulating effect of spices, pepper can be used.

For a plumping treatment for your lips, mix ground pepper and water to make a paste.

Then apply it on the lips for 5 min. And rinse.

Your lips will naturally swell and be fuller.

Lip augmentation is automatic!

And with this homemade treatment, there's no need to spend too much on Glamglow products!

12. Or chilli!

If pepper can have a stimulating effect on your lips... Imagine what it can do with chili!

Here is a shaping treatment for your lips that does not lack spice. Besides... it stings a bit! But that's normal.

Take a bowl, and put 2 tablespoons of coconut oil in it.

Pour 1 teaspoon of natural mint oil. And mix.

Now put in 2 pinches of red chilli powder and 2 pinches of ground ginger.

Mix well. Apply your mask on the lips and leave it on for 5 minutes. Rinse well.

And the cold effect of mint combined with the hot effect of chilli will activate blood circulation in your lips.

They will gain volume naturally, without hyaluronic acid.

Even if this bulging effect only lasts a few hours, at least it's natural and almost free.

Before this treatment, check that you are not having an excessive reaction to the chilli.


If you're in a hurry and don't have time to use these natural recipes... are 4 quick makeup tips that will save the day without spending 3 hours on it. Watch:

Apply concealer

We're allowed to cheat a little, right?

You probably know the following trick:powder your lips before putting on lipstick.

The goal is for it to last all day without smudging.

Well, just replace the powder with concealer.

Choose a natural concealer based on vegetable fatty acids.

This little trick that makeup artists know well nourishes your lips in depth.

It also gives an illusion of volume.

Use a lip liner

To give the impression of having fuller lips, the use of a lip liner is a good idea.

Choose a lip liner that's similar in color to your lipstick, but a little darker.

Then start to trace the contour of your lips from the left, right extremities (the corner of the lips), the top and the bottom.

Depending on the effect you want to produce, you can force the line a little.

Then connect the different points from the outside to the inside.

That is to say, starting from the corner of the lips up and then down the lips.

Then apply your lipstick. Put in the center of the lips a color a tone lighter than the pencil.

With a make-up brush, blend the difference between the two shades.

Your mouth already looks much bigger.

To create an illusion of volume, add a touch of white lipstick on each side of the lower lip.

Do the same in the center of the upper lip.

Blend the differences with your makeup brush.

Touch up the edges of the lips if necessary and apply a little light blush on the white areas.

Voila, you now have much fuller lips!

And this, even if your lips are naturally thin.

This is great art!

Color your lips

You don't have time to do this pro makeup?

Then try this easy makeup technique.

Do you usually wear lipstick? Let it go!

Take a lip liner instead.

And color your lips with it.

Then put on a moisturizing lip balm.

The lip pencil + lip balm gives your lips a push-up effect.

They are well hydrated and luminous.

Which gives the impression of having more volume.

Use a highlighter

This trick can complement the previous one for even more volume.

You might be wondering what a highlighter is?

It is a product that allows you to lighten certain areas of your face.

As a result, the light catches these areas more and they appear more voluminous, prominent or visible.

Generally, it is used for the cheekbones or for the purpose of the nose.

But it also works for the lips. Just put some above the cupid's bow.

It is a visual effect that gives relief to the lips.

2 things not to do for luscious lips

Moisten your lips

Avoid biting yourself and wetting your lips. You damage them and risk causing chapping. It hurts and it's not sexy!

Technique of Kylie Jenner

You may have heard of the Kylie Jenner Challenge. This game consists of making your lips swell by placing a glass on them.

The glass acts as a suction cup, causing the lips to swell.

Well, forget about it immediately. This stuff is traumatic for your lips.

It can cause unsightly bruises and marks.

You might end up with puffy, bloody lips...

Also, do not use suction cups. The risks are identical.

Frankly, the game is not worth it!

Instead, try one of these natural remedies that are safe for your skin.


Essential oils are powerful natural active ingredients.

Their use is generally not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women, babies and children, people with epilepsy...

Always seek advice from a specialist or doctor before using essential oils.

We also recommend that you read these precautions to use them safely.