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Everything about the shirt from fit to styling tips

Discover everything about the shirt from fit to styling tips. From collar types to how to wear a shirt as a woman. Shirts, an indispensable piece of clothing for him and her.

The shirt, a versatile piece for the man

Every man should have at least one shirt in his wardrobe. It is a versatile piece of clothing that can be worn to the most diverse occasions. Thanks to the different fits and colors you can choose your own style and taste. Ideal for the summer, but also certainly suitable for the winter.

All about the shirt

You may not realize it, but there is more to buying a new shirt than you might think. Just take a look at gentilebellini and you will see that there is a lot to choose from.

To what occasion do you wear a shirt?

Actually, a shirt is suitable for many occasions. Whether you are going to a business dinner, a wedding or a night out. When choosing, you should not only pay attention to color (does this color or design suit the occasion), but even more to the fit and especially the collar type. Not all collar types are suitable for every occasion.

Shirt collar types

Before you can determine whether a shirt is suitable to wear to a certain occasion, you should therefore look at the collar. There are four different collar types:

  • Button down collar
  • Cut Away
  • Kent
  • Wide spread board

Button down collar

You can fasten this collar to the shirt by means of buttons. This makes the shirt not suitable to combine with a tie. The button down collar is therefore mainly designed for casual occasions.

Cut Away

Do you wear a tie with your shirt? Then choose a Cut Away collar. The points of this collar are slightly further apart, making it a perfect match for a tie. Ideal for an official occasion.

Kent collar

Most shirts have a Kent collar. Not surprising, because this collar makes the shirt suitable for casual and official occasions.

Wide Spread collar

If you go to an occasion where wearing a tie is a must, choose a wide spread collar. The points are even further apart than with the Cut Away collar.

Which shirt fit to choose?

When choosing, you pay attention not only to the collar type, but also to the fit. There's nothing more sloppy than a shirt that doesn't suit the occasion and especially your body. Of course, a piece of clothing should also just be comfortable. Fortunately, there are several fits you can choose from:

  • Regular fit:the most chosen fit, because it is not too tight, but certainly not too wide either. Ideal to wear in combination with jeans or trousers
  • Comfort fit:don't you like tight-fitting clothes? Or maybe you have a small belly? Then opt for a comfort fit, so that your shirt falls nice and wide over the upper body
  • Slim fit:do you think it is important that a garment fits well? Then slim fit is the perfect choice for you. Combines well with a jacket
  • Extra slim fit:are you athletically built? Do you want to show your muscles despite wearing a shirt? Then the extra slim fit is for you. This shirt fits closely to your body, accentuating your physique

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Sleeve length:short, regular or extra long

Then you are still not there when it comes to choosing. In the past you could only choose from short and long sleeves, nowadays an extra option has been added. Namely extra long sleeves for the extra tall man.

What size shirt?

In most cases shirts are not indicated with a standard size, such as S, M, L or XL. With a shirt, it's all about the collar size. It is therefore very important to know your collar size. You can easily measure the collar size with a measuring tape. Place this around your neck, at the height of your Adam's apple. Make sure the ribbon is not too tight and add 1 – 2 cm. You can order a shirt based on your collar size, also called neck size.

Other options when choosing a shirt

There is no other garment where you have so much to choose from. Because if you have gone through all the above points, you will come across other options when choosing a shirt. Think of:

  • Maintenance (non-iron or iron-friendly)
  • Suitable for cufflinks yes or no
  • Choice of different materials (lycra, cotton, linen)
  • Season (there are trends in shirts)
  • With or without breast pocket

And of course the simplest choice:brand and color. Although the latter can also be quite difficult.

The white shirt:timeless and for every occasion

A white shirt is part of every man's basic wardrobe item. You can perfectly combine this with summer chinos, casual jeans or smart trousers. A real all-rounder and must-have for all men. Do tuck the shirt in your pants if you are wearing it to an official occasion.

Chic shirts for the holidays and business occasions

Whether you're invited to a business dinner or want to wear something stylish for Christmas, certain shirts are the best choice. You achieve elegance by choosing shiny fabric in combination with a tie or a (butterfly) bow. Black or white is always a safe choice. You might want to consider a print for the holidays.

Casual shirt:ideal for your free time

Do you like to wear shirts in your spare time? Then you can choose any color and print you want. You complete your outfit by not tucking the casual shirt into your pants, but wearing it nice and loose.

Styling tips for shirts

Below you will find a few more general styling tips for wearing a shirt

  • Tuck the shirt into your pants when you go to an official occasion
  • For a casual outfit, the shirt does not have to be tucked into the pants
  • Is it too hot for long sleeves? Then roll them up, you can also do that at the office
  • Always close the bottom button of your shirt, even when you go out casually dressed
  • You can keep the top button open if you are not wearing a tie
  • For a casual look, the top 2 – 3 buttons can remain open
  • Prints can go with a business outfit if they are not too big or brightly colored
  • Cufflinks allow you to add a little personality to your outfit

Shirt for men, also nice for women

If after reading this you think that shirts are only nice for men, then you are wrong. Don't be surprised if you suddenly see your wife or girlfriend walking around with one of your shirts. These can be worn very well by women.

As a woman you can go in all directions with a men's shirt. Wear it backwards, tie it up to your belly button or wear it around your waist. Furthermore, a comfort fit shirt is ideal as a replacement for pajamas. Do you like a bit of sexy and a tad cool outfit? Then combine the shirt with short (jeans) shorts and tie it in a knot.