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Ash in the hair

QUESTION: My hair always looks very dull, according to my hairdresser because I have an 'ash tint'. I once had it painted; that gave indeed more shine in the beginning, but the dullness of my own color soon came through again. The quality of my thin hair also deteriorated a lot, so I'd rather not do that anymore. But what can I do to give my hair more shine for a longer period of time?

ANSWER: “Every little bit helps, so make sure the products you use all add extra shine to the hair. That applies to your shampoo, your conditioner and also your styling products. In any case, use a hair serum every day after washing. You apply the serum to towel-dried hair. A few drops is enough. The serum provides extra nourishment to your hair and ensures that the hair scales close, which in turn gives a nice shine effect.

For more volume, it is best to choose a serum that does not contain silicones, because they weigh down the hair. Instead, opt for a serum with essential oils that plump up the hair and give it more volume. As a bonus, use a nourishing hair mask every month. For more shine, brush your hair daily with a soft brush. This will polish your hair and make it shine.

It is also important to always sleep with your hair down. That prevents it from rubbing against your pillow and losing shine. Always use a soft elastic band for this. A final tip is to rinse the leftovers of your conditioner with cold water. This gives an invigorating effect on the scalp and ensures that the hair cuticles close so that your hair gets more shine.”

Tom Sebastian, beauty stylist