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Dutch woman wants clothing advice

Dutch woman wants clothing advice

Many Dutch women would like advice when buying clothes, according to a survey by Vrouwonline. That is why they are starting a new section in which women can get online clothing advice, in order to prevent bad purchases, among other things.

The survey found that about 77 percent of women want advice when buying clothes and 52 percent say they don't know what suits their figure well. Most women prefer to be advised by friends when it comes to the right clothing. Friend or partner comes second.

But what is most important to women when choosing clothes? 50.7 percent mention the fit, 24.5 percent the extent to which it is comfortable and 11.2 percent also think the price is an important consideration. It is striking that many women (26.4 percent) still find it difficult to find the perfect jeans

Shop online
Shopping in a city or shopping street is still a favorite, 60 percent of Dutch women prefer the shopping street to a webshop. Reasons for this are that they want to feel the fabrics and want to try on clothes immediately.

Advantages of online shopping are according to the participants:
– No pushy salespeople;
– No hassle in fitting rooms that are too small, smelly or dirty;
– No shame when a piece of clothing doesn't fit;
– Less shame about having a larger size;
– Online webshops are always open.

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