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Take care of your dry elbows

Take care of your dry elbows

Do you suffer from dry elbows? These tips will make your elbows soft again.

1. Lubricate your elbows regularly. For extra effect, lubricate your elbows with Vaseline before going to sleep. Cut open an old sock and wear it over your elbows. This allows the Vaseline to absorb extra well and you will wake up the next morning with extra soft elbows.

2. Get into the habit of rubbing your elbows often. Do you apply body lotion after you shower? Give your elbows an extra lick of cream. Do you lubricate your hands with hand cream? Also spread a thin layer on your elbows.

3. The secret tip:Rub the inside of a job peel on your elbows. Really!

4. Water dries out your skin. To keep your elbows soft, you can rub them with Vaseline before taking a shower.