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How many people regret a tattoo?

A tattoo is fairly permanent. You can have it removed, but that is a long and not painless process. You probably think twice before getting a tattoo. Yet there are people who regret their tattoo afterwards.

According to research by Advanced Detmatology among 600 people with a tattoo, 78 percent of people regret it. It is striking that 75 percent of people with regrets have not thought about getting a tattoo for more than a few hours. 91 percent had the tattoo done around their 20s. You would most quickly regret tribals, hearts, roses, an inspiring text, a cross or a butterfly.

The results may be slightly distorted because the survey was conducted by a company that also removes tattoos… There is at least a lesson in the study:think for more than a few hours before getting a tattoo. And wait until after your twentieth for even more certainty.