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6 DIY face masks with ingredients you already have at home

Could your skin use a boost, but is going to the beautician not an option? Then we have good news:with these 6 DIY face masks you can turn your house into a true beauty salon in no time. You probably have all the ingredients at home and all masks are all natural; what more could you want?!

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1. To hydrate and care

A dry face is of course anything but nice. This mask can help you when your moisturizer is no longer working wonders.

What do you need:
– ½ avocado
– 1 tablespoon honey
– A handful of oat flakes

How it works:
Honey is an agent that helps your skin to retain moisture without making it feel greasy. Honey can also help prevent scars and repair, for example, small wounds if you massage it in well. Oat flakes also do wonders for your skin. They can care for and soothe your skin. That, in combination with the ultra-nourishing oils of the avocado, ensures super smooth skin. Don't have avocados at home? Then use 3 tablespoons of milk:milk contains lactic acid, which will gently exfoliate your skin without irritating it, giving you a nice glow. You can leave this mask on for about 15 minutes for best results.

2. Against unevenness

This mask is a perfect example of a product that makes your skin smooth without having to spend a huge amount of money.

What do you need:
– 1 tablespoon yogurt
– 1 tablespoon honey
– 1 tablespoon of turmeric powder

How it works:
Yogurt also contains a lot of lactic acid, which helps to remove rough and damaged skin cells and make new, radiant cells appear. The honey helps to make your skin soft and elastic and the turmeric helps against pigmentation, which is of course ideal if you have been in the sun a little too long.

3. For a natural glow

Is your skin a little pale? Then this mask is your new go-to! No stubborn acids are involved, so this top is also suitable for sensitive skin.

What do you need:
– 1 tablespoon cocoa powder
– ¼ papaya
– A little bit of aloe vera gel

How it works:
Aloe vera contains a lot of vitamins (A, C, E, B1, B2, B3, B6 and B12), which makes your skin glow, is soothed and hydrated. Combined with papaya – which is full of exfoliating enzymes that dissolve dead skin cells – it makes for super smooth, glowing skin. The cocoa powder also plays a significant role in this:when you apply it to clean skin, the blood circulation in your face gets a boost and your skin looks full and soft. Mix all the ingredients together, apply it to your face and let it sit for ten minutes before wiping it off your face with wipes.

4. Against acne and spots

Whether you suffer from acne or some small pimples, it is never nice to struggle with that. But if you want something different than acne treatments (which are often quite stubborn), try this natural remedy.

What do you need:
– 1 tablespoon honey
– 1 teaspoon turmeric powder
– ½ teaspoon sea salt

How it works:
Honey is not only good for repairing your skin, but also helps fight bacteria, which will reduce your pimples. In addition, turmeric is not only good for your coffee, because this yellow powder helps fight redness in your face. In addition, it is anti-inflammatory and antibacterial, which is of course ideal for raw, acne-prone skin. The sea salt also helps to cleanse your skin and reduce inflammation and infections. These three ingredients together are therefore a perfect combination to treat irritated and uneven skin. Mix them together, use a clean foundation brush and apply the mask. Leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes and then rinse with warm water.

5. Against oily skin

This mask is a perfect remedy for overactive pores; since an excess of sebum can lead to pimples, this is a good way to fight them before they appear.

What do you need:
– ½ avovado
– ¼ cucumber, blended

How it works:
This mask has a super cooling effect that ensures that your skin feels clean and fresh. Cucumber mainly contains water, which will hydrate your skin. Cucumbers also contain vitamin C, which will help against the appearance of pimples. The avocado, in turn, regulates the oil production of your skin and contains oleic acid, which has an anti-inflammatory effect. Sounds like a good combination, right?

6. Against air pollution

We now know that air pollution can have a significant negative effect on our skin. Fortunately, this mask can protect your skin against it, so this one is definitely worth it.

What do you need:
– A handful of ground almonds
– 2 tablespoons of olive oil

How it works:
It may sound like little, but the fatty acids from the almonds can penetrate your skin, making it soft and supple. In addition, olive oil contains vitamin E, which serves as a protective layer against free radicals. Free radicals cause your skin to become dull, dehydrated and more prone to lines. This combination of almonds and olive oil will help against that! Do you want even more protection? Then add a teaspoon of green tea powder to the mask. It contains many antioxidants, which will neutralize the free radicals and prevent the breakdown of collagen. So win-win! Leave the mask on for 10 minutes and then gently massage the paste into your skin before rinsing it off to properly remove daily dirt – such as make-up, dead cells and oil.