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7 ways to remove nail polish without remover

7 ways to remove nail polish without remover

Peeling nail polish, but no nail polish remover at home? With these tricks you can remove nail polish without remover.

1. Remove nail polish without remover with another layer of nail polish

Spread a layer of clear nail polish on your nails. When the clear coat is still wet, you can rub it off together with the layer of color.

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2. Peel off base coat

Tip for next time:there is a special base coat that you can pull off your nails when you are tired of your nail polish. How does it work? Start your manicure with a layer of peel off basecoat, then apply your nail polish on top. If you want to remove your nail polish, you can gently peel off the peel off basecoat and voilà.

3. Rubbing alcohol

Look in your medicine cabinet:alcohol is also suitable for removing your nail polish.

4. Deodorant

Many deodorants contain a substance that dissolves nail polish. You will have to scrub a little harder (and it is better not to eat with your hands even after washing your hands), but in case of emergency…

5. Remove nail polish with acetone

Acetone is an ingredient in many nail polish removers. If you still have a bottle of acetone, you could consider using that. But beware:acetone is a dangerous chemical and it is definitely not suitable as an everyday nail polish remover. If you do try it, do it outside in the fresh air, so that the smell does not linger in the house. Wash your hands very well afterwards.

6. Picking

Scratching off your nail polish can damage your nails. Do you dare to do it anyway:first soak your nails in warm water, which ensures that the nail polish comes off more easily.

7. Natural nail polish remover

Vinegar and lime or lemon juice are the combination for a homemade natural remover. Worth a try if you have the ingredients in your kitchen cupboard.

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