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Bring the 'spa feeling' into your home

In this busy time, nothing is better than relaxing to recover from the day. For many, a day at the spa is the perfect way to relieve stress, but you don't have to leave the house for this, you can also create a space at home where you can relax and enjoy. Get the 'spa feeling' into your home, with the tips below.

The easiest way to create that spa feeling in your bathroom is through atmosphere. Provide dimming lights, fragrant candles, flowers and/or plants and beautiful accessories such as soaps, bottles and bowls. A soothing music in the background completes the soothing feeling.

The way the bathroom looks is the most important element in creating a spa-like vibe. With most spas you don't see superfluous things, and a minimalist style is the rule rather than the exception. You get a serene and calming atmosphere by choosing light, neutral colors such as white, beige and light gray and natural materials such as wood.

When you think of the spa, you think of tranquility. It is therefore important to create peace at home. You do this in advance in the bedroom and bathroom. Make it a clean, quiet and serene space.

Clean up Clutter usually stresses us out. That is why in spas all toiletries are always hidden and neatly arranged. Get rid of old things you don't use and use baskets and decorative bowls to store the items. Make sure it always looks neat and clean, otherwise you won't get a restful feeling.

Bath or Shower
If you have a bath, it is not that difficult to lie down and relax with all the above luxury, but unfortunately not everyone is blessed with a bath. But a shower also goes a long way. Get a massage shower head that massages and relaxes the skin, change the temperature from hot to cold, or create the "sauna" feeling by running the shower very hot (don't go in!), and opening the bathroom door. Close. Then it will steam nicely.

All you have to do now is enjoy and relax!