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Doctor Leenarts products for sensitive children's skin and for adults

Doctor Leenarts is gradually becoming a household name in the world of skin care with her products. She wipes the floor with the big names by producing skin care products that really do what they promise and contain no harmful substances. So it is possible!

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Doctor Leenarts products for babies and children

The more you know about your child's (and your own) skin, the better you know how to care for it and avoid problems, right? In the handbook about Skin 0-4 years, dermatologist Dokter Leenarts bundles all her knowledge about skin problems in babies and young children.  

The Dokter Leenarts products that are specifically for babies and children can be found below:

  1. Baby bottom ointment
  2. Bath &Shower oil
  3. Dry skin ointment
  4. Cooling lotion
  5. Mountain ointment
  6. Skin &massage oil

⇒ You can buy the products of Dokter Leenarts, for example, online at or The latter has a more extensive range.

1. Baby bottom ointment from Doctor Leenarts

A baby bottom cream without unnecessary substances (such as perfume, preservatives or wool alcohols) that can be irritating. In addition, this ointment for the buttocks has a high percentage of zinc oxide. Zinc oxide is an important ingredient as it is responsible for creating a protective layer. The Doctor Leenarts butt ointment contains no less than 30% zinc oxide. Not only handy for use on the buttocks, but also excellent to use for red spots in the neck or armpit folds.

Instructions for use: After changing the diaper, apply a thin layer of this baby bottom ointment. Will the tickets turn red? Then apply a slightly thicker layer of the ointment from Doctor Leenarts.

Due to the careful selection of ingredients, this is the first Baby Bottom Ointment with the Skin Allergy Quality Mark, an initiative of the Skin Fund.

⇒  You buy the baby bottom ointment online here

2. Bath &Shower oil

The Bath &Shower oil nourishes, protects and softens, but does not contain soap. This bath &shower oil from Doctor Leenarts is recommended for eczema-prone skin, but is in principle suitable for all ages. The oil consists largely of soya and olive oil, which means that the skin is cared for immediately during bathing instead of the baby's skin drying out due to contact with water.

Instructions for use: provide a bath with water that is at the right temperature (between 36 ° and 38 °), for example use a good bath thermometer. Add some oil (looks milky when mixed together) and off you go!

Tip If you use the oil in the shower, keep in mind that the skin can become a bit slippery and always use a shower glove to hold your baby!

⇒  You buy the Doctor Leenarts bath &Dcouhe oil here online

3. Dry skin ointment

The dry skin ointment from Doctor Leenarts is intended for the daily care of dry and chapped skin. Skin that is prone to eczema will also benefit from this ointment. This greasy neutral cream contains no perfume, wool alcohol or preservatives and helps to restore the skin barrier so that the skin feels soft again.

Instructions for use: You can use this product whenever you deem it necessary. As long as your skin feels dry or chapped, you can use this Doctor Leenarts ointment for dry skin.

⇒  You buy the dry skin ointment here online

4. Cooling lotion

The cooling lotion from Dokter Leenarts is specifically intended for the care of baby skin or children's skin in case of chickenpox and shingles. It provides a cooling effect and reduces itching. In addition, the blisters dry up faster. The product contains zinc oxide and talc as main ingredients.

Instructions for use: You touch the blisters a few times a day with your fingers or with the attached marker, until the blisters have dried up. Due to the presence of zinc oxide, the lotion is white, which causes (temporary) white spots on the skin. You can simply wash these away.

The reviews about this lotion from Doctor Leenarts are very positive.

⇒  You buy the cooling lotion online here

5. Mountain ointment

Berg can be recognized by the yellow-brown flakes on the scalp. No parent will be happy if the baby has mountain. Even though berg is completely harmless, it doesn't look really fresh and smells a bit. So you would like to get rid of that and this mountain of ointment will help with that. De Dokter Leenarts Berg ointment is a spreadable, greasy ointment which contains, among other things, Cetiol V, which ensures that the mountain flakes soften so that they are easy to comb.

Instructions for use: Apply the ointment to your baby's scalp and leave it on for a few hours. Then you can easily remove them with a comb. Then briefly wash your baby's hair so that they are no longer greasy.

⇒  You buy the Dokter Leenarts product against mountain here online

6. Skin &massage oil

You use this oil if you want to give your baby a skin massage or if you want to rub his tummy nicely. It is a rich oil with Apricot Kernel Oil &Vit E that nourishes, softens and keeps baby's skin supple.

Tip This oil is also very suitable for keeping the skin of your pregnant belly supple and taking care of it.

⇒  You can buy this oil from Doctor Leenarts online here

Dokter Leenarts products specifically for adults

Dokter Leenarts also has an extensive range of products for adults:

  1. Repairing body cream
  2. Dry hands cream
  3. Protective barrier cream
  4. Bath &Shower oil (see explanation at baby products)
  5. Dry skin ointment (see explanation at baby products)
  6. Skin &massage oil (see explanation at baby products)

You can find one of the products I also like to use below:

1. Restorative body cream

As you get older, your skin gets drier. The function of the skin continues to decrease and less and less moisture is retained. We all know this. What we also know is that there are plenty of liniments that promise to provide the solution to this problem.

This restorative body cream retains moisture in the skin so that the skin remains well hydrated due to the ingredient urea. Urea also has a keratolytic effect, which means that excess skin flakes are removed. Doctor Leenarts Restorative Body Cream is suitable for all skin types and makes the skin soft and supple again. It is easy to spread and absorbs quickly, which is also a great advantage if you have to get dressed again after a shower.

Instructions for use: Use as often as necessary to care for dry, flaky and/or tight skin or as extra cosmetic support for the skin with eczema, psoriasis or diabetes.

Note:In the case of superficial wounds on the skin, the ingredient urea can cause a short-term stinging sensation. Not a problem in itself, but not so nice. In that case, it is better to use the dry skin ointment from Doctor Leenarts.

⇒  You buy the restorative body cream for € 11.95 online here

Review products Doctor Leenarts

This book came at just the right time for me. Kleine Mees, who is now 7 weeks old, is covered with spots and small pimples after the (forced) stop of breastfeeding. In addition, his skin flakes terribly, which destroys his beautiful face.

Maybe it's because of the transition from breast to bottle feeding I think, I'm sure it will take some getting used to. But if it doesn't go away after a week, I decide to take him to the doctor. When I tell my story the conclusion is quickly; cow's milk allergy. Well, I'm pretty done with that, first let's talk about the hypoallergenic food, the proposal is to see if it has already improved a bit.

Cow's milk allergy or eczema?

Poor little guy, luckily many children outgrow cow's milk allergy in their first year. After a week there is unfortunately not really a clear picture of improvement. It differs from day to day. A few days later we go to the health clinic for a routine check-up, there we get the contradictory message that it is probably eczema.

In hindsight, this sounds quite logical to me. In my family many people have asthma, which turns out to be a sister to eczema. My brother used to be under it too, I can remember that because he often had to cry because of the itching and as a big sister I just really didn't understand that. Now I think, itching is worse than pain!

Doctor Leenarts manual and products tested

Known and lesser known skin conditions are examined in the Handbook on Skin 0-4 years. The classic childhood diseases are also discussed. Facts are discussed and myths debunked. Does putting a cross in a mosquito bite really help? And what about cornstarch in the diaper?

Doctor Leenarts has also developed a beautiful and affordable product line. Products without unnecessary additives that she believes really work. We've heard that before… so I went to investigate myself.

I tested skin ointment for dry skin and eczema (also for adults). This ointment would prevent skin flaking and itching. I start rubbing Mees on his face, the place where his skin is most restless. It is odorless and spreads wonderfully smoothly, Mees shines fresh and the ointment absorbs quickly.

Crème de la crème for baby skin and children's skin

And really, this is SO bizarre! I can see a difference almost the same day. The cheerful child's head is without flakes and already feels much smoother and softer. And believe me, I really couldn't do this with Zwitsal, Neutral and other well-known baby brands.

I've been using it for a few days now and the skin is getting a lot better! This is a product that I absolutely want to keep using! The buttock ointment against diaper rash is also highly recommended. This is crème de la crème for your little one!

Would you like to know more about Doctor Leenarts, her knowledge and the dermatological products she develops? Take a look at her website!