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The benefits of Vitamin C facials

The benefits of Vitamin C face-care with Dr. Pierre Ricaud.

Currently, we hear a lot about Vitamin C face care . Beyond a real beauty trend, this energizing active has multiple benefits to guarantee healthy skin .

Vitamin C cream Dr. Pierre Ricaud is one of the cosmetics that have taken this turn in order to offer a product that works on different issues. Thedull complexion which lacks radiance, the first signs of aging or even tired skin.

I invite you to learn more about Vitamin C in skin care products. , then set off to discover this new cream.

Why use Vitamin C in cosmetics?

We especially know the Vitamin C contained in fruits such as kiwi, blackcurrant and red fruits. Suitable as a cosmetic active ingredient , it becomes a real energy booster and has anti-aging properties.

Indeed, it is recommended to use cosmetics to prevent the first signs from the age of 25. For my part, I am approaching 30 years old and I make it a point of honor to continue to take care of my skin with a beauty routine more suited to my current problems.

I discovered the benefits of Vitamin C in cosmetics some time ago and I am particularly interested in it. Especially for its antioxidant effects which stimulate cell renewal and thus prevent skin aging.

But not only ! Vitamin C active ingredients also have the effect ofsmooth the complexion and to reduce spots and redness, having sensitive skin, this is once again an effect that concerns me.

It goes without saying that "vitamin" means a more radiant complexion , cooler and brighter. This is good since the trend is natural. Foundations that cover too much have given way to tinted creams and lighter aqueous textures. So it's in our skincare routine what is at stake:treating your skin so that it is beautiful naturally to use as little makeup as possible.

Zoom on Dr. Pierre Ricaud Glow face cream

The cosmetics brand Dr. Pierre Ricaud presents its latest innovation with the Vitamin C cream. Creator of treatments combining dermo-cosmetics and medicinal plants, its formula is light and fresh while providing a realenergy boost to the skin.

We are therefore on a balanced marriage between Vitamin C , Niacinamide and White Lupine peptides. The latter stimulates microcirculation and therefore provides better elasticity skin. Niacinamide, on the other hand, contains Vitamin B3 which will refine the skin texture , ideal for people who are prone to dilated pores for example.

Combined with Vitamin C, these two ingredients make it possible to obtain a cream triply effective. Please note that this product is made in France and contains 77% ingredients of natural origin. You can consult the details of its composition on the site Dr. Pierre Ricaud .

For sensoriality, Dr. Pierre Ricaud Vitamin C cream is subtly scented with citrus notes , making the experience even more invigorating. Its texture is melting and the finish on the complexion will be satin . Which also makes it an interesting base if you want to apply a product to even out your complexion afterwards.

Finally, this product is very versatile, as it is recommended for all skin types :dry, normal, mixed or greasy. Consider pairing it with a face serum adapted and an eye contour to maximize its effectiveness. Dr. Pierre Ricaud also offers an anti-fatigue Vitamin C serum which, combined with the cream, will give you even more convincing results.

Did you know the virtues of Vitamin C in facial care?

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