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Beauty:cleaning your skin for at least 60 seconds would have miraculous effects

Blemish-free skin is one of the most recurring promises from cosmetic brands. It starts with regular washing – morning and evening, ideally – of the face, which suffers all kinds of aggression during the day. However, a serious routine does not always guarantee the appearance of the miraculous effects mentioned on the packaging, and for good reason, it would not be the composition of the product or even the brand that offers it that counts, but rather the use. what we do.

“Improved skin texture and evenness »

Nayamka Roberts-Smith (below), a beautician from Los Angeles who works for the beauty salon brand LABeautyologist , has indeed made an explosive revelation on his Twitter account:you have to massage your face with a cleansing product for at least a minute if you want it to benefit from all its benefits. “Cleansing your face (with your fingers) for 60 seconds allows the ingredients to work on the skin. Most people clean their face in 15 seconds. [The method] softens the skin and dissolves the accumulation of sebum in the pores. Skin texture and evenness improve writes the young professional. All these years spent in ignorance... We're on our ass!

Convincing before/after

Nayamka Roberts-Smith confided more at length to the site Cosmo US on this 60-second rule, reputed to be sensational. “It’s much harder than you think to get rid of makeup, dirt and oil. We must therefore bet on a cleanser capable of dissolving the products that we have applied and the grime, but also opt for a wash of at least 60 seconds which helps us to concentrate on our gestures – cleaning the corners of the nose , under the chin and at the hairline ". After the beautician's post, Twitter users rushed to implement the #60SecondRule, and the results are indeed spectacular.

Bye comedones and other imperfections!

A certain "Cici" and a certain "Mariah Dyson", as we know them on the social network, have published before/after montages in which blackheads and imperfections of all kinds have faded to give way to more complex skin. smooth, and all in just a few weeks. We'll let you judge for yourself... It's worth extending your daily routine by 2 short minutes, isn't it?