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Hair:9 square cuts that we adopt this summer and which will not leave us at the start of the school year

Your hair are dull, they are split ends and you do not know what to do with them. As you know, a visit to the hairdresser is required. Who says new haircut said new beginning, it is well known. Whether it's a new job, the end of a relationship or just a want to change , going to the hairdresser is always good for morale. Except when the hairdresser completely missed you. In short, if you have come across this article, it is certainly a sign . Yes, we believe a lot in signs at the editorial staff.

The square in all its variations

And this year, the bob is the trend. We can spot it this summer and we already feel that the trend will follow us long after the summer. Because while we love long mermaid hair , we must admit that the square adds something punchy to our personality. You can easily customize it according to your desires and your tastes . If you are reckless, you can opt for the square very short . If you want a gentle change, the long square may be an option. But the “french bob” , “Italian Bob” , the "diana bob" or the “boyfriend bob” reign.