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3 original ways to wear a headband

On the front for a bohemian style

A first original way to wear a headband is to put it on the forehead in bohemian fashion. For a hippie-chic look, simply place the headband (or scarf) on top of the head, putting it from the middle of the forehead to the back of the head. This way of wearing it is ideal if you have long or medium-length hair. This hairstyle is not suitable for all face shapes. It is best to avoid it if you have a very oval and long face at the chin, a round or square face. There are several ways to wear a headband, so bet on the one that highlights the most! The headband on the forehead turns into a real head jewel with the most beautiful effect. When it comes to hair, the choice is yours. You can leave them loose or tie them in a bun. In any case, you can wave your hair to give an even more bohemian touch.

The headband on an asymmetrical hairstyle

The "one-shoulder" has been trending for a few seasons. This hairstyle has the advantage of being extremely simple to achieve by appearing very glamorous and sophisticated. You must start by placing the headband on your head. You must then take a wick on the side and roll it up following the elastic of the headband. Secure the wick with pins or flat pliers. On the other side, leave your hair loose falling over your shoulder. For best effect, consider lightly waving or curling loose hair to add volume. The rendering will not be pretty if it is all flat. In terms of clothing, bet on dresses or tops with bare shoulders for the guarantee of a stunning effect! Girls who do not have long hair can afford this hairstyle. You just need to have shoulder length hair for it to be very pretty!

Brigitte Bardot style for a sixties look

The retro tirelessly returns to fashion. The iconic 1960s hairstyle has made a comeback. For a Brigitte Bardot star hairstyle, it's very simple. You must part your hair from the temple to the middle of the back of the head. Then it is appropriate to tie the rest of the hair. The two parts must be sufficiently creped one after the other to bring the necessary volume. To backcomb your hair, you can use a close-toothed comb. Make a banana bun, remember to fix them well and lacquer! Once the BB hairstyle is done, place the headband of your choice on your head. This hairstyle is always sublimated with a headband or a scarf in the hair. This retro sixties look is ideal with a headband for parties or special occasions if you want to attract all eyes! You can adapt this retro hairstyle to our times by opting for a rock version à la Amy Winehouse. The secret:a creping of madness!