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What outfit to wear with a trench?

What sports outfit with a trench?

Planning on walking all day, chasing the kids, or hitting the errands? Think practical trench coat! Compose a comfortable and timeless outfit with jeans, a plain T-shirt or a slogan sweatshirt and sports shoes. Simply gain in elegance, without losing the sportswear effect, with a quality belt and a beautiful watch. Put on a hat or sunglasses then slip into your trench coat, worn carelessly open or simply belted at the back... for its practical and sporty side!

What glamorous outfit with a trench coat?

A glamorous trench, nothing could be simpler, provided you opt for a firmly belted model. Dare to wear the short red trench coat and wear it over a little black, mini or pencil dress. Add some discreet jewelry and fine black tights, a nice pair of pumps and a banana bun. Are you looking for a more discreet look for a romantic evening? Bet on slim pants and a pair of heeled boots. Put on a V-neck sweater next to the skin or a lace top, slip in a pendant and draw your mouth with a beautiful lipstick.

What formal outfit with a trench?

Professional evening or exceptional gala, it sometimes happens that the look is demanding. And the trench is perfectly capable of matching a dressy outfit, for lunch or for an evening. The secret ? Choose it in black, knee length, and above all, belt it in a classic way, through the buckle. It will go wonderfully with an evening dress or a fitted trouser suit, accompanied by heels and a beautiful stole. Without forgetting the jewels with a pair of worked earrings, giving the trench coat a real pedigree!

What trendy outfit with a trench?

For the trendy version of the trench coat, make way for the falsely androgynous look. Designed for men, the trench coat has since evolved to become part of women's wardrobes. But it still goes wonderfully with all men's outfits! Slip it over boyfriend jeans rolled up on the ankles, add a graphic shirt or a simple white T-shirt, and a pair of mixed shoes:derbies, low-top sneakers, moccasins... The little extra? Aviator sunglasses.

What outfit not to wear with a trench coat?

It's hard to go wrong with the trench coat, as its cut is so flattering and the way to wear it adaptable! If there were a trench guide, it would probably give the most universal rule:whatever your choice of outfit, work on the details. In other words, roll up the collar for a chic outfit, tie the belt for a trendy outfit, buckle it for a professional outfit. Wear the trench coat open on a casual outfit, closed on a glamorous outfit. Tailor glasses, jewelry, scarves, hats, and shoes to these choices, and follow your instincts!