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Leather, skins, synthetics… What material for my boots?

Boots:what material to withstand winter?

Mud, rain, snow, cold and frost, winter puts all the colors on your boots… and your toes. Another good reason to choose them that are as warm as they are resistant! In the category of winter champion materials, animal skins are unbeatable:certainly more expensive, they are above all more solid, durable and breathable, to avoid the sauna effect during walking. Leather is more weather resistant than suede, which is more fragile. In any case, remember to regularly treat your boots with a waterproofing spray. And if the winter is particularly harsh, opt for lined boots with a thick sole to insulate against the cold!

Boots:which material for which occasion?

Are you looking for boots capable of adapting to all occasions, both dressed and casual? Leather remains the most versatile material, also offering the widest choice of finishes. Smooth, quality leather lends a premium look to any ankle boot. The weathered and worn effects, on the other hand, ensure a trendy vintage look. Suede boots cultivate a more relaxed style, acclaimed by all followers of the bohemian trend. Do you dream of comfortable boots, flexible on the ankle and wearable even in mid-season? Explore the choice of bi-material boots, combining natural or synthetic leather on the foot and textile inserts on the ankle!

The secret of fancy boots

Even in winter, the boots deserve their grain of madness. Natural or synthetic materials, again, choose according to price, durability and weather requirements... then let your desires run free! The boots offer a wide range of looks, from python to crocodile, from leopard to zebra, from glitter to metallic. In inserts, in simple lining or on all the boots, lined boots version or ankle boots with heels, choose your option. By monitoring, however, the instructions for use and the treatments applied:some natural materials can be fragile and not very durable if they are not treated, then regularly maintained.

The fashion for vegan boots

In the midst of a wave of rejection of animal suffering, the vegan current is popular. And if the boots were there? Nothing too complicated on the material side, the boots are content to avoid any product of animal origin. Result, trendy boots in synthetic leather, essentially:light, waterproof and solid, the synthetic has an appearance close to real leather, for such a wide choice of colors. Better ? It often costs less and can be found in supermarkets like the biggest brands!