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Beauty:9 mistakes that we all make in the shower and that damage our skin!

Take a shower is part of our daily routine that we do mechanically, without even paying attention to it. We get wet, we soap our body, with or without a washcloth, we shampoo and conditioner, sometimes even a scrub, we rinse and then dry ourselves. beauty gestures simple things that apparently do us good. Because very often when we wash ourselves, we make certain mistakes which attack our skin more than anything else .

These bad habits that damage our skin when we shower

For experts, most of our cleaning products and our gestures are not adapted to our skin. And for good reason, washing your hair at the same time as your body, removing make-up with water, shaving without soap, washing your private parts with a classic shower gel or using too hot water are all bad habits that we all do in the shower. So yes they are very practical and fast, especially when you are in a hurry, but the damage is such that our body envelope can be irritated, lack of hydration or prone to infections over time.

Discover in our slideshow the 9 mistakes that we all make in the shower as well as the solutions to remedy them.

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