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3 tips for hair that looks longer

It's well known:when it comes to our hair, we always want what we don't have. Stiff? We want them closed. Frizzy? We just want waves. Blondes? We would like them brown. Short ? We want them long. On this last point, precisely, it is complicated because even if it is possible to have extensions installed, it is a real budget that we do not always have. So, you have to be patient... or else use tricks! We recently told you about dusting, a technique to be done with the complicity of the hairdresser. Here are now 3 homemade tips validated by the pros that give the illusion that we have (a little) longer hair. Something to make us wait in style.

Bet on the line in the middle

The parting on the side has the advantage of giving volume, but if you want to give the illusion of having longer hair, it is on the parting in the middle that you have to bet. Why ? Quite simply because this is where the hair is at its maximum length. Good after, you have to choose between volume and length, but that's another debate.

Straighten hair

It is obvious if you have curly or frizzy hair:straightening them allows them to be longer. However, it also works if you have rather straight hair:a simple pass of the iron gives optimal straightening which visually makes your hair appear longer. Again, for the volume, we'll go back.

Get a double ponytail

Give the impression that we have long hair when they are attached, mission impossible? Nay! However, a simple ponytail is not everything. To look like you have super long hair, we rather put on a double ponytail:we separate the hair in two by drawing a parting behind the head at the level of the ears, then we tie the top part in a high ponytail. A few centimeters below, we make a second ponytail and we make sure that the first overlaps the second well (we brush them together to “mix” them). Results ? Looks like we have a super long ponytail.

On the cut side, we think of the gradient and you can also cover your neck with a scarf to immediately give the impression that the hair is longer. Here we go (falsely) long hair!