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Surfer hair:here is the pharmacy product to have it easily (and it costs less than 5 euros!)

This summer nothing will prevent us from playing the bohemian surfer and opting for beautiful wavy and blond hair. To do this, we generally rush to products based on salt or aloe vera, while there are very useful basic ones, for a wavy effect . Indeed, in your first aid kit, you necessarily have what you need, for surfer-style hair !

Surfer's hair:this drugstore product for less than €5 guarantees you a perfect wavy beach

To give volume and shape to our hair, we usually use a salt-based spray. You can find it in many shops, but if you don't have time to buy or order it on the web, we have found a quick and effective solution. Stérimar spray , which we all have in our pharmacy, contains salt water and offers an almost identical effect! The latter is sold in pharmacies and drugstores, it generally allows you to unclog your nose. So to tame your hair and give it a post-surf session effect, you've got what you need!

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