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What make up to wear with lace?

What make up to wear with lace? Always present in fashion trends, lace is once again present for sunny days. But what make-up to wear with an all-lace dressing room? For a tender bohemian look or a rock and glamorous look, two make-up ideas!

The lace is very fine, noble and delicate. For spring summer, we wear it proudly. For the day, we put on a soft look by combining it with a fresh and light make-up, in pastel tones.

For the complexion , we stay light, adopting a delicate routine. Blur primers are perfect for blurring small skin imperfections . We just combine it with a veil of powder to illuminate the face and on the cheeks, we put on a slightly pink or soft coral blush.

On the eyes , we play the card of smoky eyelids, keeping the softness of pastel shades. If we can match the color to the details of our outfits, that's even better. Deposited in very light smoky, the pastel eyeshadow will make your eyes soft to perfect your tender bohemian look . You can also apply an eye shadow along the lashes, like a liner , then blend it with brush to keep the spirit of freshness and lightness that befits lace.

For the lips , we can opt for several choices, either we want to give a boost to the look and we choose a vitaminized red, in orange or pink tones, or on the contrary, we keep the lips almost bare by applying just a line of transparent gloss, for shine.

Worn in the evening, lace can also be the touch of glamor for a more rock'n'roll look. In this case, you can opt for more pronounced makeup in the evening and adopt a chic and grunge look.

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For the complexion , we keep a light foundation, almost nude, but we highlight our assets and we redraw the shape of our face. How? 'Or' What ? Using the contouring technique:the contours of the face are sculpted through play of light and shadow . First step, we refine the features by applying a bronzing powder on the cheekbones, the jaw and the temples. Then, with an illuminator, and armed with a large brush, we apply on the top of the cheekbones, the cupid's bow and the chin and on the nose to give light. Finally, we harmonize everything with an apricot blush.

For the lips , we stay sober with a nude lipstick or just a gloss for shine. If you prefer matte lips, we choose a red almost the same shade as our lips . Tonight, the focus is on the eyes!

For the eyes , we obviously bet on black for a rock and chic look. If – and only if – you perfectly master the line of the liner, you can make cat eyes with a line of liner and simply sheath the look with a mascara to boost the volume of the eyelashes . If, on the other hand, we have a more hesitant line, we put on a gel liner to apply with a brush, or on a line of kohl pencil, which we apply in dotted lines at the level of the eyelashes, starting from half of the eyelid and stretching slightly towards the temples. Then, we blur the line with a brush, we add a touch of light with a light gray or iridescent white eyeshadow at the inner corner of the eye and we do not forget the mascara. Finally, we can bet on the smoky eye, by depositing above and below the eye, with a brush, a black or brown iridescent shadow, in a fine line, which is then blurred with a slightly thicker brush.

Tip: like you never know how mascara will be deposited on the eyelashes, it can be applied first and only work on the line of liner or pencil in the second step, to adapt its thickness and the blurring. To your brushes!