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Health advice:fight against winter blues

During the long winter months, we very often witness a drop in morale and increased stress. All this has the effect of disrupting our sleep and our mood. This is commonly referred to as winter blues. It is mainly due to a vitamin D deficiency, the light becoming rarer. On the other hand, it is estimated that 15 minutes of exposure to the sun is sufficient outside this period for our body to produce vitamin D in a satisfactory quantity. Faced with this phenomenon, I offer you different solutions to set up together or separately.

Daylight at your fingertips

light therapy is undoubtedly the most effective way to treat the blues. When the sun is not there, a lamp can artificially recreate white light. By using it daily, it can not only help you to spend a more serene winter but also to fight against insomnia. However, you should not combine light therapy and vitamin D . It is actually wrongly believed that it synthesizes it. However, since artificial white light is different from natural sunlight, it cannot produce UV rays, an essential vector for its production.

Vitamin D in food

When daylight is scarce, the best source of vitamin D is found on our plate. It is found in particular in certain types of fish such as herring, salmon, tuna, sardines or trout. On the other hand, manufacturers frequently add it to dairy products. And for those who want a natural intake, it is possible to use capsules or capsules vitamin D in organic store.

Essential oils to the rescue

Isn't it said that every problem finds its answer in Mother Nature's great book?

  • Well, know that in the field that interests us, the essential oil of ylang ylang works wonders. Inhaled or applied to the skin diluted with a vegetable oil, it calms sleep disorders, anxieties and manages mood changes more broadly.
  • Another essential oil recognized for its calming properties and for its action on insomnia is lavender. Its refreshing smell will permeate your clothes for a long time.

Organic food supplements

  • When nothing is going well and it's cold, I'm always happy to curl up on my sofa with a good book, a mug of herbal tea or infusion by hand. You are spoiled for choice:lemon balm, hawthorn, chamomile, valerian or orange blossom for a more floral taste in the mouth
  • Another powerful remedy is gemmotherapy , that is, in bud extracts. For example, two or three drops of linden will help you have a peaceful night and the same amount of fig bud will have a positive impact on your mood and stress.
    • Finally, there are compositions specially developed to fight against stress, fatigue or depression among the Bach flower essences . As an extra solution, it is found in the form of a spray or dropper.

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