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The 5 benefits of Rhassoul

Oriental culture is a source of beautiful discoveries . Music, dance, customs, fauna and flora, these exotic gifts take us on a fabulous journey to the end of the world. Organic argan oil, prickly pear oil, Aleppo soap… wonderful beauty rituals derive from this culture. The rhassoul is one of the many gifts offered by mother nature . A cosmetic active ingredient with a purifying virtue, this natural present is multi-use. Whether for the skin or the scalp, it cleans deeply and is suitable for sensitive skin.


The rhassoul or Ghassoul is a natural mineral volcanic clay extracted from the Middle Atlas Mountains in Morocco. Its composition is naturally rich in provitamins, macro-elements and trace elements; silicon, iron, magnesium, potassium, sodium and many other elements make up this unique earth. It is transformed into a fine powder of brown to gray color and does not have any particular odor.

This clay is a natural cosmetic product used in the Eastern tradition. The word Ghassoul in Arabic means “who washes”. Its purifying effects are recommended for sensitive skin or scalp chemical and conventional cleaners.

The virtues of Rhassoul

Rhassoul is endowed with multiple virtues in cosmetics :cleansing, purifying sometimes even degreasing. Ghassoul sucks up impurities without attacking the surfaces on which it has been applied.

For the skin tissue, it cleanses and purifies the skin gently without irritating the sebaceous glands. It decongests the epidermis and absorbs potential excess sebum . This helps to get rid of imperfections related to toxins present on the surface of the skin. Its use in beauty routines also helps to regulate sebum production . In addition to this, its astringent effects promote the tightening of pores. As a result, rhassoul is highly recommended in the care and treatment of combination and oily skin . Ghassoul is also recommended for mature and dull skin because it restores elasticity to the skin while having regenerating and brightening effects .

For the hair fiber, it rids the hair of impurities without damaging the protective sheath . In view of its regulating and purifying effects, it is of great help for oily scalps. While degreasing the capillary mass, it allows to regulate the production of sebum. To the delight of fine hair, ghassoul has a voluminizing and anti-dandruff effect . Finally, it greatly facilitates detangling and leaves hair supple and cleansed.

This treatment is therefore life-saving whether for the hair mass or for the skin tissue. This natural cleansing softens the skin and the hair, which comes out perfectly cared for.

Use in Cosmetics

The Rhasul is widely used in the field of cosmetology. Its purifying properties make it an exceptional treatment for all skin and hair types . It can be used in many ways:mask, scrub, cleanser, soap, shampoo...

In short, Rassoul has many qualities. It can be suitable for skin, even the most sensitive, and also for the most fragile hair. Ghassoul is also the perfect natural and ecological alternative for those who wish to return to a natural beauty routine . In addition to this, even if it sucks up impurities during beauty rituals, rhassoul does not pollute the water. Only downside:it's a bit messy. Therefore, it is necessary to thoroughly rinse the bath or shower after use.

Good news for those who want to test this active ingredient, it is present in the Argan Rhassoul solid shampoo from Maison des Sultans. Enriched with the famous purifying rhassoul but also with nourishing organic argan, it deeply cleanses and hydrates the hair mass.