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Black masks:danger for the skin or miracle solution?

If you are an addict to beauty treatments to maintain your skin, you will surely have noticed the recent craze for black masks . They are everywhere on the net and many influencers are advertising them on their social networks or their youtube page, promoting the merits of the black mask as the new miracle product to remove blackheads.

These charcoal masks are they so effective what do we say? Are black face masks safe for your skin?

The promise made by the black masks

A black mask, what is it for?

This is peel-off facial mask composed of a mixture of glue and charcoal. This blend promises to remove blackheads and blackheads in no time.

How to use it?

The mask is applied to the face, carefully avoiding the eye area. With a rather liquid composition, it will stick to your skin in order to extract impurities once the exposure time has been respected. Thanks to its peel-off effect, the mask will detach blackheads from your skin to leave you with an immediate feeling of cleanliness and cleanliness.

The black color of the masks provides quite an impressive contrast once they are removed. Indeed, we can clearly see the residue of impurities with the naked eye and this is rather satisfactory.

Which black masks are dangerous for your skin?

Beware of homemade recipes

As we have seen, DIY has taken hold of this phenomenon to create all kinds of recipes giving you the satisfaction of making your own homemade black clay mask . YouTubers are the first to offer their homemade recipes to create a so-called "natural" and economical mask. But is this practice safe?

Beware, as most of the recipes on offer are going to call for glue or PVA glue and charcoal powder. And the concern for your skin could well be in the use of this glue. It is synthesized from vinyl acetate, a component toxic to the skin .

The glue is so strong that when the black mask is removed, it removes the outer cells of your skin. So yes, your skin will be soft and smooth but you will have lost a layer of skin and its natural oil. See this as an exfoliation that is way too aggressive for the skin. In reality, you will have removed an important barrier to external aggressions and you will have made your skin more vulnerable.

How to make your homemade black mask?

Prefer natural recipes based on vegetable charcoal and aloe vera without glue!

You can also safely make salt and lemon masks which will have an equally effective and healthy anti-blackhead effect for your skin. (1 tablespoon of salt + 1/2 tablespoon of lemon)

Be vigilant about the origin of the product and its labeling

There have been many testimonies of mishaps with the use of these masks. Redness, pain, irritation and in more serious cases, burns or allergies. Unfortunately, it is difficult to identify the exact composition of the product because the vast majority of these masks come from China, which does not specify the list of all the ingredients that make up the products.

The FEBEA, the French Federation of Beauty Companies has also denounced several products sold on the internet which would be potentially dangerous for your health because they do not comply with our European rules.

So be especially wary of these three products if you see them advertised:

  • Purifying Peel-off Mask by Buoceans
  • Black Mask by One1X
  • Suction Black Mask by Cidbest

This does not mean that all black masks are dangerous for your health. If you have any doubts about a product that you see for sale on the internet, then why not turn to French mass-market products?

Where to buy a healthy and effective black mask?

The ideal is to get your black mask in supermarkets or perfumeries . We advise you to go to Sephora, Nocibé or Marionnaud for example and seek advice from a beauty advisor.

Here is a top 3 of our favorite products:

The Garnier black mask Skin Active Pure Charcoal:

  • a very effective vegetable charcoal mask to remove blackheads in the T zone (forehead, nose, chin)
  • a mask that is perfect for oily skin
  • based on vegetable charcoal and salycilic acid, a very effective antibacterial
  • based on blueberry extract, a powerful exfoliant

The Sephora black mask Peel Off Dots Black Sephora Collection:

  • composed of 89% ingredients of natural origin
  • Aloe vera and glycolic acid formula
  • a short exposure time of only 15 minutes
  • made in France
  • a minimum price of €9.99
  • proven effectiveness

The Payot black mask Magnetic Skin Mask:

  • based on shea butter, magnetite, silica and Vitamin E
  • one 80g jar
  • an ultra-fast and effective application in just 5 minutes
  • a plus compared to other products:the mask can be removed using a magnet

And black masks for men?

Men also have the right to take care of their skin. They face as many external aggressions for their skin as women. Sure, they don't have makeup, but what about shaving, pollution and temperature changes?

If you haven't started Gentlemen, it's high time to take care of your skin and ensure beauty capital for later by cleansing and moisturizing your skin daily .

The men's black mask is therefore part of the perfect care to fight against blackheads and skin impurities. There are many brands that have declined a men's range. If you don't know which product to turn to, we advise you to test the L'oréal black mask:L'Oréal Men Expert Pure Charcoal. This is a mask designed specifically for male skin. It absorbs impurities in just 10 minutes.

You are now perfectly informed about black masks to be able to choose whether or not to use them and especially to know where to get an effective and healthy black mask for your health! So what product are you going to use to get rid of your blackheads?