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Why is the leather backpack the piece you absolutely need?

Backpacks are irremediably reminiscent of high school years or hiking. And these are not necessarily good memories for everyone! But for several seasons the leather backpack has become ultra trendy . And for good reason, this fashion accessory, flagship of quality leather goods, is both resistant and practical. In other words, it has become a must-have for men and women. Discover the multiple facets of this travel or school bag , which will accompany you both in the city and in your hectic adventures.

The leather backpack is durable

Noble material if any, leather is renowned for its strength and flexibility. Durable, the leather backpack for women or men stands up to the ravages of time . And like the best vintages, it benefits from ageing. The passing years do not in any way affect its robustness, quite the contrary. The full-grain leather models are particularly appreciated for their quality. It is indeed the densest part of the animal's skin. Over time, the leather will become less rough and will take on an even patina, which only adds to its charm.

Forget the traditional fabric bags, which end up tearing or getting holes. With a leather backpack, vintage or modern, there are years of loyalty between you and your bag. Easy to maintain, just coat it with a special wax to secure the water resistance inherent in all quality leather goods.

Versatile, it accompanies you in town or on weekends

In addition to its longevity, the backpack must be recognized for its practicality. Ideal for going to class or going to work, it also makes an excellent travel bag. With it, you will have your hands free, no matter how many items you carry with you! And that is appreciable! In public transport, shops or crowded streets, it's still more practical, isn't it?

Phone, laptop, books:city bag or school bag, the leather backpack will be the guarantor of all your treasures . And thanks to its robustness, you won't have to worry about them being knocked or even weathered.

And if you let yourself be tempted by a model with multiple storage ? You know, so as not to search for your keys for hours at the bottom of your bric-a-brac...

To go away for the weekend, it will accommodate a toiletry bag and a change of clothes, a tourist guide and a camera. Some models are even equipped with a strap to attach them to the handle of a suitcase. Remember to choose a harmonious model with your hat in shapes and colors!

It's up to you to choose the leather backpack that suits your lifestyle!

Quality leather goods for your comfort

You come back from your exhausting day, and you stop to do some shopping. A bottle of this, a packet of that, a box of "just in case" and presto, in the purse! You know, this fashion accessory that you take bigger and bigger to fit more and more things in... And which ends up being as full as a travel bag! With a bit of good will, it will go well… With a bumpy gait, you reach your home somehow, like a tower of Pisa on its feet. And in the days that follow, your neck will remind you of the torture you inflicted on them!

Whereas with a leather backpack… you stuff your shopping in the different pockets, then the bag on your back. All you have to do is go home, firmly planted on your two legs, with a proud and (above all) upright gait!

An essential fashion accessory

Contrary to what oilcloths have led us to believe, being practical does not preclude being beautiful. A real fashion item, leather breaks the codes of the "adolescent" bag.

This timeless fashion accessory adapts brilliantly to all styles. Whether you are classic or bohemian, adventurer or fashion victim, there is a model made for you.

In black leather, it will add a touch of elegance to any outfit. Ideal, therefore, for working girls and boys! As for the vintage leather backpack, it will be the little bohemian note that will enhance any outfit and is perfectly trendy today.

Travel or city bag?

Between fashion accessory and quality leather goods, it is a must have. As trendy as it is functional, it will follow you in your daily life without ever failing you. Entrust him with your days and your travels and enjoy life, he takes care of the rest! In short, the leather backpack is the it-bag!