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How to dress for an 80s party?

Hello darlings, at the editorial office today, we offer you ideas for 80s looks. A period that I love so much it is crazy and ibride, with diverse and varied styles and outfits!
If you want to know how to dress for an 80s party here are several tips and the dress code to use especially for the occasion!

80s looks

Mix colors on your outfits

Mix and match colors. Many 80s fashionistas opted for bright, even neon color combinations! Neon colors were indeed, particularly popular.

Match your top and bottom with colors that go together well, and feel free to add a third pop or contrasting color. For example, the electric blue pants and top can be enhanced with a bright yellow or pink belt and chunky earrings.

Shiny tights can be worn under a miniskirt and trimmed with leggings of a different color. This is also valid for make-up, the color-block make-up trend is very popular this season.

Try the punk look

Another approach is to opt for an ultra rock look, or even the punk style dear to the 80s. This would mainly involve black and denim.

Wear at least two different jeans or jeans with holes. Men usually wore denim pants with denim jackets. The women wore denim miniskirts with a jacket of the same material. Both men and women usually wore a fitted, form-fitting black shirt under their denim jackets, often with studs or skull embroidery.

The contrast of radically different materials is a key feature of 80s style .

Adopt the total sport look

Wear sportswear. The sporty total look with joggers, sports jackets and the fanny pack were also popular in the 1980s. However, they tended to be much more matching than modern sportswear.

Buffy athletic pants and a matching jacket, paired with sneakers, can provide the perfect 80s look. Although they can be hard to find today today, velor jogging sets are preferable.

This80s outfit is characterized by a leotard, tights and leggings, while mixing bright colors and why not shiny lycra.

Wear shoulder pads

Shoulder pads were very popular in women's clothing of this era. The larger the shoulder pads, the better. We remember designers' ultra-shouldered suits like Yves Saint Laurent or Thierry Mugler.

A variant with shoulder pads is the maxi balloon sleeve, very puffy.

Mix the materials

Mixing different materials was very popular in the 80s. Try to find clothes in leather, denim, velvet or lace and bring together visually contrasting materials.

Iconic clothes from the 80s

Here are some iconic 80s items to look out for specifically:

  • Kway jackets
  • Parachute pants
  • Faded jeans or colored jeans
  • Shirts with huge logos + smileys
  • Mini-skirts
  • Leggings
  • Spreader-style stretch pants

80s hairstyles

Maxi hair

Now that you have all the 80s dress code , make way for the hairstyle!
The 80s were characterized by thick hair, preferably curly or crimped. People with straight hair often had perms.

You can also backcomb your entire hair, or just a few strands or your bangs.

For the more patient, you can curl your hair with a curling iron and add a headband or a few fluo-colored barrettes!

The ultra 80's "mullet" hairstyle.

One ​​of the 80s hairstyle is the "mule". Although the mullet is mostly considered a man's hairstyle, in the 80s both men and women sported this (strange) hairstyle.

If you don't want to cut your hair in a mullet style, you can find a mullet wig at a party store. You can also cut a long wig in the shape of a mullet.

The side ponytail.

Whether your hair is straight or curly, a side ponytail is a classic 80s hairstyle. The longer and higher it is, the better 80s it will look .

80s accessories

The mittens

Fingerless gloves were very popular, especially when paired with a punk look with denim and lace. Lace or leather gloves are best, but any glove will work. No need to buy fingerless gloves, you can just cut off the fingertips yourself.

Large earrings.

Earrings do not need to match each other, on the contrary. Wearing two different large earrings was very popular in the 80s. If they are a bright or neon color and contrast with your outfit, even better! If you can't find any colored earrings the chunky gold hoop earrings will work just fine.

Maxi gold necklaces and chains.

Find oversized necklaces or layer several different necklaces to create an 80s punk look. Chunky chains or beads were popular, and the inclusion of a crucifix was also very common. The more necklaces, the better. You can also layer different types of bracelets and chunky bracelets in contrasting metals or even colored plastic.

Wear large sunglasses.

Big sunglasses with plastic rims were very popular at this time, even indoors or at night. Inexpensive children's sunglasses are very similar to the popular sunglasses of the 80s. Gold-rimmed glasses in a baroque spirit were also popular at the time and are often found in party stores.

The typical 80s headband.

A wide headband on your hair (preferably on a mullet) will give you an 80s look. This accessory works even better with 80s workout clothes:either a matching velvet tracksuit, a leotard and basque.

80s makeup

Classic 80s makeup included dark lipstick (for punk women and for punk men!) and super bright eyeshadow.

Eye shadow can be applied to the entire lid of the eye and even to the eyebrows. A few 80s celebrities experimented with multiple eye shadow colors at once, doing two or three color blocks.