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How to match the colors of your clothes?

Matching the right colors of clothes on your outfit is the guarantee of a successful look. If black and white can go with everything, this is not the case with other colors which can sometimes destroy an outfit if they are together. Because you have to take risks in life and stop with the eternal white and black look, I give you here my advice for combining the colors of clothes for an outfit and a look without fault of taste.

What does wearing a shades of color mean?

The shades of colors is the idea of ​​associating very similar colors from each other like a bottle green and a glass of water or even a sky blue and a parma for example. It would almost be a color gradient. Although the idea is good, it is however difficult to put into practice. Novice, abstain! One could indeed think that you have a superb brand new military jacket in a dazzling color on a slightly faded khaki-colored trouser... The "faded" effect is indeed the pet peeve when composing a monochrome look colours. Be sure of your shot or do nothing! Friendly tip!

Wearing monochrome, good or bad idea?

Wearing a monochrome dress means wearing a single color . There are many top + pants or top + skirt sets sold in monochrome. Bridal suits in particular can often be monochrome:beige, white...
Monochrome has the advantage of lengthening and refining the silhouette. Indeed, it does not emphasize any part of the body in particular.

How many colors to combine for a successful look?

I recommend that you wear no more than three colors otherwise it's "clutter" and it can hurt the eyes. Too much information kills information. Opt for three colors in shades or two colors for a nice contrast. Bet on a strong color that you will accompany with a secondary color.

The right color matches

If the basics such as the black sweater, the little black dress, the white jeans, the raw jeans, the black pants go well with a lot of colors because of their tones neutral, bet on brighter colors to brighten up an outfit. Here are some examples of color combinations that go well together:

  • With brown:turquoise, white or light blue
  • With red:white, black, gray or dark blue
  • With yellow:navy blue, brown or gray
  • With orange:grey, gold, khaki or brown
  • With turquoise blue:brown or beige/cream
  • With pale pink:brown, grey, mint green or beige
  • With beige/cream:brown, burgundy, khaki, pale pink, mauve or sky blue
  • With navy blue:brown, yellow, gray, beige, orange, red or green
  • With mauve:beige or gray
  • With fir green:beige, brown, grey

What color to associate with gray for your clothes?

Gray, whether light or dark, has the advantage of going with many colors. It is one of the neutral tones and basics in the same way as white and black.
Soft colors suit it very well and soften a dull complexion. Bet on pale pink, sky blue, beige, cream, light brown...

You can also create shades of gray by mixing dark gray with light gray for a controlled look.

What color should red be associated with?

If red and black is the unconditional combo of the fatal and sexy look, red also goes well with many other colors. Khaki and brown suit it well for a little natural side that contrasts with the passion red. Denim, whether light or dark raw, suits it particularly well, more generally navy goes well with red. For an elegant look without overdoing it, go for a close-fitting red t-shirt and dark raw straight jeans or a light denim jacket over a red dress, skirt or pants.

You can also accessorize a red dress with a golden handbag or beige suede shoes.

What color to wear with khaki?

Khaki is the natural and military color par excellence. Its little adventurous side transforms you into a modern-day Indiana Jones feminine version. Accompanied by beige, it's the perfect match and you're ready to go on an adventure and to roam in the most exotic lands!
If beige is his friend for life, khaki accepts with him many other colors. White and black suit it well for a simple style. Gold suits it particularly well and gives it that touch of glamor that can sometimes be lacking with khaki. The color coral and burgundy also suit her very well for a warmed up look from head to toe!

What color goes with brown?

Brown goes well with many other colors, but it is often considered (wrongly?) as an autumn color. Paired with mustard yellow, for example, it will be one of the ideal colors for fall.
For combinations of colors that can be worn throughout the year, you can pair brown with beige, sky blue, white but also light grey.

What does navy blue go with?

Navy blue is the color of choice that many adopt when they want to change from black. Not as dark as a black garment but almost, the navy blue gives the impression of bringing a touch of extravagance in its style. It only gives the impression then!
Navy blue is a color that I personally love because it goes with everything. Gold, white or red for a sailor style. Orange, bright yellow or fuchsia pink to pimp up your outfit. Beige, white or silver for a very soft look.
For those who avoid 80s fashion and tend not to mix black and navy, I don't quite agree . Mixing navy with black can be very trendy and very elegant.

Light pink goes with what colors?

Pale pink is one of those colors we love in spring and summer. Very soft, light pink goes admirably well with light gray or water green for a total powdery look , ideal mix for her wedding guest outfit for example. But it also adapts very well with white, black and brighter colors such as khaki, brown or bottle green for a pop and vitamin style.

Colors allow you to express what you want to show the world through your outfit. Bright colors for a radiant complexion or pale colors for more softness, they match according to your desires and your style. Watch out for false color matches that can quickly make your style look ridiculous. But now that you've read my advice on color combinations, your style will be flawless, right?