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The Jean Mom cut:for whom and how to wear it?

The Mom jeans, darling of fashionistas, made their appearance this year and it reminds us of a certain fashion from the 80s and 90s.

Remember those high-waisted jeans, the ones Brenda and Kelly wore in Beverly Hills or Rachel and Monica in the Friends series! It's him!!

How are Mom jeans doing these days? What looks with her Mom jeans? Here is our inspiration guide to help you create cool and modern looks with the hit pants of the moment.

How to recognize a Mom Jean?

Mom jeans are the ones your mother kept in her closet in memory of the good old days or the one that you could have easily found in thrift stores. It reminds us a bit of the Boyfriend jeans which have been very successful in recent years. The Mom Jean has long been shunned and sometimes even mocked for its old-fashioned cut and yet...

One ​​of the first stores to reintroduce it into its looks was major retailer Topshop. Soon many world famous fashion brands also brought it up to date. One thing leading to another, this is how the Mom Jean made its big comeback in the denim collections to become a true must-have this year .

Its characteristics:

  • A high waist
  • A straight cut that stops at the ankles
  • Rather wide at the hips
  • A thick material

Mom jeans:for which morphology?

This cut of jeans will not suit all women. It is first necessary to know your morphology.

It is perfect for women with a small waist, hips and shoulders of equal width and slim and slender silhouettes (H-shaped morphology). It is also very suitable for women who have slender legs or narrower than their upper body (V morphology).

You can very well wear Mom jeans if you are petite because it will elongate the silhouette.

Mom jeans are not the ideal cut if you have a belly, it will undoubtedly accentuate your curves! Same thing for women with curves or an O or A morphology (already well marked hips).

For those accustomed to the slim fit, know that this retro fit takes a bit of getting used to, but it's worth it!

How to wear my mom jeans?

Two questions come up very regularly when talking about mom jeans:

  • What shoes should I wear with my mom jeans?

Is this type of jeans made to be worn with heels or should I stay on a classic pair of sneakers?

  • How to wear my mom jeans?

Depending on how I choose my other pieces, my style will be completely different, but what look can you create with Mom jeans?

To help you answer these two questions, we invite you to discover 4 different ways to wear Mom Jeans . You will see that often the type of shoe chosen sets the final tone for your look and helps you choose the top.

Sneakers + Mom Jeans =Cool Look

If you want a trendy and cool look both, so pair your mom jeans with sneakers and a white tee seems like the perfect outfit. For the choice of sneakers, you can have fun by taking original models or stay on a safe bet with a pair of Stan Smith, Converse or Golden Goose.

The most important thing is to try to match the color of your sneakers to that of your t-shirt. Prefer plain tops or with a simple logo type pattern. You can also bring a perfecto or an oversized trench for the cooler evenings and add some rock attitude to your outfit.

Derbies + Mom Jeans =Casual Look

The combination of a pretty pair of black derbies, your mom jeans and a chic blazer will be perfect if you want to create a casual look . The derbies and the blazer will enhance the look of the Mom jeans for an elegant touch.

Pumps + Mom jeans =Chic look

For a chic and sophisticated look , we associate our Jean Mom with a pair of pumps and a top in noble material, type silk, velvet, lace etc. We can also belt our jeans with a branded belt to add chic to our outfit or even associate your outfitted with an elegant and plain straight long coat.

Mom Jeans + Vans + Logo Tee =Retro Look

If you like retro looks , then your mom jeans will go perfectly with Vans and an 80s style t-shirt with colorful writing or a brand logo or patterns.

On the accessory side, a pair of round glasses will add the finishing touch to your look. You can also accessorize your hair with a nice classic red, white or black bandana.

You now have all the tips to create a look that suits you with your mom jeans . So, are you ready to leave your skinny jeans in the closet and put on your new favorite jeans?