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5 look ideas for wearing high Spartans

Summer will soon be on its way. In the closet boots, ankle boots and waders and welcome to the little sandals allowing us to show off our pretty varnished feet.

It's already time to discover the new pairs of trendy shoes for summer 2020 . Among them, the Spartan is a timeless that returns to the front of the stage almost every year. This season, gladiators won't just be flat and strappy anymore. If you are looking for a trendy model, you have to opt for high Spartans . Halfway between Roman goddess shoes and gladiator shoes, they are incredibly feminine and full of character.

Like flat Spartans which are very easy to wear, the high Spartans are not suitable for all body types. How to choose your high gladiator sandals ?How to wear high-top gladiator sandals ?

Discover 5 high Spartan models to adopt urgently this summer.

Rising Spartans, for which morphology?

While low gladiator sandals are flattering for most body shapes, the same is not necessarily true with high gladiator sandals. Indeed, the lacing that goes up on the calves and the ankle will not suit all body types.

Here is how to choose your high gladiators according to your morphology :

For tall women:you can go there with your eyes closed, the high Spartans are made for you. You can even choose a model that goes up to the knees.

For petite women:in order not to pack your silhouette and since the goal is on the contrary to give the illusion of long legs, opt instead for high gladiator models that are stop at the ankles or mid-calves. Choose very thin straps for an airy look.

For women with wide calves:avoid thick straps that will make you look like you're dicked up. To add finesse to your legs, bet on very airy straps from each other and very thin.

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How to wear high Spartans?

For a casual chic look

Gladiator boots give a lot of style to an outfit but they remain flat shoes and therefore rather casual.

For a dressy outfit, you can opt for a casual chic style with a denim skirt and a beautiful white lace blouse. If you want to give a chic look to your outfit, opt for high gold gladiators .

For a casual look

For a casual summer style, opt for denim shorts with your high-top spartans .

This is one of the best options for sporting these gladiator-like shoes with femininity. This will elongate your silhouette and give the illusion of longer legs.

In terms of style, we opt for a basic t-shirt, a printed t-shirt or a blouse.

For a coachella look

The Rising Spartans are the perfect sandals for heading to a music festival. Their rebellious spirit blends perfectly with the bohemian style of clothing worn at these gatherings.

Here are some ideas for super trendy combinations for a coachella look:

  • Wear your gladiator sandals with a gypsy style dress (bare shoulders, ruffles, colors).
  • Combine your gladiator sandals with denim shorts and an animal print top (leopard, python etc).
  • Wear fringed sleeveless vests over a rock t-shirt or a custom denim jacket.
  • Remember to wear your gladiator sandals with jeans and lace.

For a bohemian look

If you like bohemian looks, it's a safe bet that you will succumb to the fashion of rising Spartans.

Mix your sandals with bohemian-style dresses like a floral dress with bare shoulders or a beautiful white lace or chiffon dress.

For a city look

This season, if there is one style of dress that is popular, it is the shirt dress and more particularly the oversize models . Discover our fashion tips for choosing a trendy shirt dress.

Wear high gladiator sandals with a dress shirt is therefore an excellent choice for an urban outfit. The sandals enhance the white dress as an ultra-trendy fashion accessory.

In summary:

This year the gladiator spartans are worn high. What to wear them with for style?

  • For a casual chic look, wear your high sandals with a denim skirt and a lace blouse.
  • For a casual look, wear your shoes with denim shorts and a printed tee.
  • For a coachella look, pair your sandals with denim shorts and a leopard print top or a seventies dress .
  • For a bohemian look, opt for high-top camel leather gladiators or high-top tasseled gladiators with a white dress or an off-the-shoulder dress.
  • For a city look, opt for an oversize shirt dress or belted with your gladiator shoes.